March 23, 2020
As we follow the ongoing updates on the COVID-19 pandemic - especially in New Jersey and New York - the Regal Restoration family will continue to fully abide by all the rules and regulations put in place by government officials at every level. We do not take this situation lightly and fully understand the consequences associated with transmission of this fast-spreading virus, as stated in our previous newsletter and highlighted once again below.

At this time, Regal remains operational, and also  able to assist clients by responding to emergent or temporary situations in your communities and buildings.

If there is ever a time to band together, community, it is now. We are here for you to help create solutions to short- or long-term issues. Our team teleconferences frequently to discuss the latest updates and to ensure full compliance with our core values and safety in the field.

As health and safety continue to be our top priorities, we will continue to keep you updated as the COVID-19 pandemic situation unfolds. 

 Regal remains dedicated to “flattening the curve”, preventing the spread of virus, and standing by our FIRST CORE VALUE,  SAFETY , by enforcing adherence to the following policies:

  • All Regal employees and associated personnel must wear dust masks and gloves any time they abandon their contained work area on a job site. This includes, but is not limited to, bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, supply houses and any off-site trips or meetings that are necessary throughout the day.

  • Regal employees and associated personnel are instructed to avoid physical contact – including hand shaking - with all parties while maintaining the CDC-recommended “social distancing” when conducting business. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray are to be carried and in vehicles for utilization throughout the day.

  • Regal employees who develop symptoms according to the CDC guidelines are to immediately inform management so that precautionary measures can be taken. Health and safety are paramount to Regal’s core values, and we encourage all to be proactive when it comes to containment – this is for the well-being of everyone, including team members, families and all business partners.

  • Please visit the CDC website for a complete list of symptoms and preventative measures and reach out to us with any suggestions as to how we can alleviate concerns throughout the course of this pandemic. 

In good health and safety,

Robert Puterman, President