JULY 12, 2017
Largest Case Placed at Alliance

Jeff Forestall placed a $75,000,000 Buy/Sell Agreement Plan last week that produced a whopping $1,100,000 Commission. He already has a quarter of a million of placed business on the books for this year. He was also last years top salesperson.

He is an Accountant who sells to his clients. If you want to sell through Accountants, call Dave.
Our Leaders

Congratulations to our Top Ten Life Agents

"Fortune favors the Bold"  

"Go big or go home."
                   -Successful Agent

July is the debut of Ameritas, an all lines Life Company in the Alliance Group. We will be waiting until the Fall before we start using them. Let them get the bugs out first. They will be an excellent company for your Term business. ANICO offers a lower premium with an excellent trigger list of Living Benefits. Place your term with them. Place your IUL with National Life.

You Can Make a Fortune

But you are the only person who will get the job done. Here is what you need to do to earn a quick $56,250 by the end of the year. Simply submit $3,000 in premium for the next 25 weeks. That is 3 apps at $83 per month. Ask everyone you talk to, one of these questions: "Do you have Life Insurance that pays you if you live?" "Does your family have enough insurance to replace your income if you died?" "How many weeks would you be able to pay your normal bills if you didn't get a pay check?" or "Will your kids be able to go to College if you died?"
These are tough questions that will get a response. Don't worry if they are too tough. Remember your client and his family spend the money, not you!
Tell you clients about Living Insurance that has a Death Benefit.

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