George Floyd Memorial Center for
Day of Enlightenment (D.O.E.)
May 24th & May 25th, 2021
Dear Friends,
As we approach this one-year reflection point, you are invited to join us for a virtual global community event to reflect on the life and legacy of George Floyd and honor him by transforming the pain associated with that tragic day to one of hope and change.
On Monday, May 24 at 2 p.m. ET, we'll be hosting the first of two virtual public events. The first is the "Enlightenment & Purpose Rally" to inform and arm you with what you need to spread the word about the purpose of 5/25 D.O.E. (Day of Enlightenment) and other ways to support the building and development of the George Floyd Memorial Center.
You will hear from a host of speakers including family members of George Floyd and their ideas on how to keep the momentum of lasting change alive. This is just the beginning! We ultimately want to honor George Floyd's memory and make the world a safer place for Black and brown people everywhere as we paint this portrait of humanity together.
On Tuesday, May 25, 5/25 D.O.E., at 2 p.m. ET, we will invite you to come back and join us to share openly about how you have changed and you will hear from others as to how they have changed because of George Floyd at the "Enlightenment & Reflection Gallery". Learn how you can be a pixel of purpose to help paint a brighter future.
This entire effort begins with awareness, so we are asking you and the those around the world to help us by sharing the link to this newsletter or to both events during the registration process and how George Floyd changed you or the world around you.
Capacity is limited.
What can YOU do on the
George Floyd Memorial Center's Day of Enlightenment
On 5/25, post a 60-second video, or write a social media post using one of the images below on social media answering the question: What did George Floyd change for you? 
By sharing your story, we can keep George Floyd's memory—and the hope for change—alive.
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Use the hashtags #525DOE and #GeorgeFloydMC to amplify your message, or share your message with the Center here. By agreeing to post your videos and messages, you accept the fact that they may appear in future promotional materials or cultural exhibits on behalf of the George Floyd Memorial Center and you willingly agree and understand their potential for being used for public purposes.
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By purchasing 5/25 D.O.E. merchandise, you not only share awareness for the Center and this overall effort, all proceeds go to funding building the George Floyd Memorial Center and its programming.
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Roger Floyd
Chief Impact Officer
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