Wednesday, September 15, 2021

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Understanding the Out-of-Network Law
Speaker: John Fanburg - Managing Member and Chair of the Healthcare Law Practice at Brach Eichler, LLC

Provider compliance, responsibility and liability under the out-of-network law.

ASC reimbursement Issues for No Fault Providers
Speaker: Keith Roberts - practice focuses in the areas of healthcare law, complex insurance litigation, personal injury and PIP arbitration.

Carriers use many defenses to underpay and deny claims, to include:
NCCI edits
Pre-cert penalties
OON Penalties

Taking Your Revenue Cycle From Good Enough to Great
Speaker: Angela Mattioda - Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management for Surgical Notes.

ASCs do not need to settle for a revenue cycle performance that is just “good enough” when greatness
might be not that far out of reach. Elevating performance will not only grow the bottom line but also
give you the ability to reward employees more significantly and frequently, helping improve retention
and performance; make ongoing capital investments that improve quality of care and drive growth; and
deliver increasing distributions to owners. We’ll discuss how your ASC can achieve revenue cycle

What the Bottom Line May Not Be Telling You About Your ASC's Revenue Cycle Performance
Speaker: Lea Young - Account Manager of RCM services

While an effective clean claims submission process is essential to ASC revenue cycle management success, it's far from the only process that should be contributing to the bottom line. We’ll discuss three other processes that can make a significant impact on your surgery center's revenue cycle performance.

A Proactive Coding Partnership / A Distinctive Patient Experience
Speaker: Allen Ranjan

  1. Surgeon and Coder Collaboration
  2. Education and Information
  3. Strategic Authorization Requests

A Proactive Coding Partnership / A Distinctive Patient Experience
Speaker: Ashley Nicholson

  1. Estimate Preparation and Presentation
  2. Financial Liability and Counseling

The Collection Agency's Role: Improving the Bottom Line
Speaker: Jonasz Knapik - SaVit Collection Agency

When and why should you send patients to a collection agency
  • How to protect the patient/doctor relationship
  • Why is the human touch important in collections
  • When and how to change collection agencies.
  • What is net back and why is it important
  • Update on compliance and how your agency should be the experts.

Identification to Action What to do when you identify an A/R Problem
Speaker: John Goehle

Identifying when you have a problem and creating an action plan to respond. 

Revenue Cycle Dashboards
Speaker: Ann Geier

Tracking vital A/R Statistics to Effectively Manage the Revenue Cycle. 

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