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The Carolinas-Virginias Chapter of the RMA together with the 9 RMA Local Chapters

are proud to present:

Environmental Risk Management –

What Your Lenders Need to Know!

A Virtual Zoom Event | July 20, 2022 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

CRC CEUs 1.8

Guest Speakers:

Greg Lathan, Karen Nelson, Bill McGuinness,

Keara Vigil and Janine Willis

Course Description: A.sound Environmental Risk Management Program, which includes well written environmental policy and procedures, can protect lenders from losses and liability associated with environmental issues on a collateral property. A Lender’s Environmental Risk Management Program should have procedures that outline the environmental due diligence required for new commercial loans, criteria for loan renewals, and required procedures for due diligence prior to foreclosures.


ERI will discuss the development of environmental policy as well as all levels of environmental due diligence from the Environmental Questionnaire to the Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). The new ASTM Phase I standard will be discussed, and an overview of “industry standard” environmental desktop assessment and the various types of historical sources reviewed for these evaluations will be presented. Everyone likes a good case study, and this course will include several. Additional topics covered include reliance letters, acceptable lifespan of a Phase I, as well as methods to update an assessment without another site visit, who should/should not order Phase I and Phase II ESAs, when it is appropriate to obtain a “cost to correct” and selecting and monitoring the performance of environmental consultants, to name a few.


Are your lenders required to complete a site visit, site questionnaire or site screening form prior to loan approval? Are they able to spot floor drains, damaged building materials, vent pipes or fill ports associated with underground tanks, and other features that might pose an environmental concern? This course will include information which will help lenders identify some of the most common environmental issues.

Who Should Attend: Loan Officers, Appraisal Managers, Credit Officers, Credit Administrators and anyone wanting to know more about how banks are managing environmental risk.

Cost: RMA Members $5, Non-RMA Member $10

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ERI is the nation’s largest environmental risk consulting firm, specializing in the management of environmental risk for commercial lenders. ERI’s clients include a broad base of commercial lenders, from regional banks to banks with national footprints. ERI provides third-party review of environmental assessment reports and conducts Records Search with Risk Assessments (RSRAs)/desktop reviews on commercial properties. ERI’s third party reviews of environmental assessments and property regulatory/historical data are accompanied by free “day to day” technical support to commercial loan officers and bank risk managers, as well as complimentary assistance in developing/amending environmental risk management policy based on our client banks’ specific risk tolerance.

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