5:30pm - 7:00pm
Consciousness Circle

Join Dr. Covington as she creates a powerful and intimate setting to DEPTH DISCUSS and STUDY the LEVELS of CONSCIOUSNESS via the most famous and beloved map... the MAP of CONSCIOUSNESS.

Please watch this short clip to grasp how much this month will afford us in our comprehension and

It's a BIG space for an intimate group of conscious BE-ings.
During circle, WE will watch pre-selected clips from Dr. Hawkins as he provides a thorough explanation of the levels of consciousness, with in-depth examples of how the levels relate in general to the whole field of consciousness. Discussion will also cover what it is meant by linear and nonlinear, content and context. Also explored is an explanation of the radical state of subjectivity, awareness and consciousness.

The Map of Consciousness® is used to illuminate the understanding of the ego and our programs and how to be free of them. He also explains how the Map is not a hierarchy of worthiness , but more like a prism that breaks up the light into different colors. Spiritual work is making choices that move us up towards the Light.

Dr. Hawkins also speaks on the emergence of a positive spiritual energy that is dominating the consciousness field of mankind with profound implications for everyone. Just imagine what you will discover for YOU...

Please wear your mask into the building and meditation room. It will not be required during the circle unless it provides safety. There will be no tables but pre-treated chairs will be provided.