5:30pm - 7:00pm
Consciousness Circle

Join Dr. Covington as she creates a powerful and intimate setting to grow psycho-spiritual discernment: Valid Teachings and Teachers!

July 1st ... a small and intensive group...
Registration is OPEN...
It will be different!
Register now. WE SOLD-OUT in 2 hours last month!
Pay at the door.

We will have BIG space for an intimate group of conscious be-ings.
During circle, WE will watch pre-selected clips from the Dr. Hawkins 2005 Lecture on Valid Teachings & Teachers.
Our time together will offer deep immersion into the discussion and evaluation of Valid Teachings & Teachers.
How do you discern? Follow along these next five weeks as we delve into dualism, causality, potentialities and ego vs source.

Please wear your mask into the building and meditation room. It will not be required during the circle unless it provides safety. There will be no tables but pre-treated chairs will be provided.