5:30pm - 7:00pm
Consciousness Circle

Join Dr. Covington as she walks us though: UNDERSTANDING THE SELF

Everything we say, do and believe is a reflection of who we have become. Then, what we have become is reflected back to us as a perception, which is our LEVEL of CONSCIOUSNESS.

What is it to raise one's level of consciousness? There is an actual Map of Consciousness and when one understands (spiritually and psychologically) and seeks with connection and contemplation, consciousness will radiate your life.

Our Circle in March will includes a 2012 seminar video, by Dr. Bickford. A seminar video link ( and accompanying PDF ) will be emailed to you to watch on any device at your own leisure. The damaged and/or programmed self creates the separation from our Self and interrupts our best growth and portal to peace and joy.

Our March Circle will delight in some depth discussions around the development of our personal psychology, including personality/temperament, psychological filters, developmental states and consciousness...and how we will resolve the separation as we come to UNDERSTAND the SELF.
If you are out of the area, we can SKYPE you in!
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CLICK BELOW for an awe-inspiring-historical (30 minute) podcast on the seminar that will be highlighted in MARCH: CLICK HERE FOR THE PODCAST!