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AUGUST OFFERS TWO Consciousness Classes!   

 August is going to be a WHOLESOME month!

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August 5 & 19, 2015 (the first and third Wednesday in August)


JOIN US!  Whether you have been on the Living-Consciousness course or perhaps new to this path... you are going to deeply appreciate this LIFE advancing experience.  


This group/class will provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the issues of Living-Consciousness in a complex society while maintaining one's Spiritual-walk.  All things regarding life are open for discussion: relationships, children, extended families, friends, career/work, recreation, sex, drugs and rock-n-roll...

WHEN: Every other Wednesday:  August 5 & 19, 2015.   

TIME: 5:00p - 6:25p


**Classes will continue (July - December) as long as a minimum registration of 12 attendees is met. This class is being led by Dr. Bickford




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Map of Consciousness: 

Studying the Teachings      
of Dr.  David R. Hawkins 
3D illustration 2012 - Transformation of consciousness on Earth. Theme of change of consciousness, Mayan prophecy, ecology, spirituality. You can see America.



Whether you have been part of this ongoing class or this is the first time you are registering... YOU are headed for an amazing dialogue!!! A life advancing conversation!!! 


This class will provide you an ongoing opportunity to fine-tune your understanding of the Map of Consciousness and become expert in your own life.   Dr. Bickford will be discussing the teachings of Dr. Hawkins with emphasis on the internationally famous Map of Consciousness.  



WHEN: the FIRST and THIRD Thursdays in August 

 August 6 & 20, 2015

TIME: 5:00p-6:25p 


**Classes will continue every other Thursday (July - December) as long as a minimum registration of 12 attendees is met. This class is being led by Dr.Bickford 



Bickford & Covington/Living-Consciousness also provides opportunities for group meditation on Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:30-7:30pm.  Join us for the uplifting experience of meditation that is totally research-based.  Discover the special effect of group meditation and start aligning with life.  Meditation unfolds good health at so many levels.


There is so much to share here... we have a separate information page!  
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