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E-Update | December 2022

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Highlighting REI's Consultative Panelists

Proposals have been submitted and the deadline for REI project applications has passed....making way for the new 2023 project year! This means that REI will soon meet with Consultative Panelists, statewide knowledge based and experienced experts, who are engaged in a broad range of economic development activities across Michigan, who will assist in the development and selection of Co-Learning Plans.This panel also meets throughout the year to counsel the REI University Center on the substantive content and regional collaboration issues and factors instrumental in enabling Michigan’s existing and would-be regional innovation clusters to compete economically and most effectively in the global knowledge economy and network society. In addition, panelists assist in ensuring that state-of-the-art development knowledge and practices are embedded in the work of REI and that its activities build upon and complement other initiatives across the state. The MSU EDA University Center for Regional Economic Innovation (REI) appreciates the Consultative Panelists' continued support! Meet REI's Panelists and stay tuned this January for the announcement on Co-Learning Plan awardees!  

Meet the REI Consultative Panelists
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