On the heels of racking up numerous statewide endorsements, Eli Bremer is getting national attention for taking a leadership position on an issue that’s important Colorado families

March 10, 2022

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) - United States Senate candidate and Olympian Eli Bremer was featured in Fox News for a second time advocating for women’s safety and women’s rights in sport.  

Bremer stresses the importance of banning biological males from competing in female sport. Once again, highlighting the need to keep males out of female locker rooms. This time, adding the question: Where will women’s scholarships go if biological males are competing in female sport? 

Bremer’s first editorial for Fox News centered on his over-decade-long record of protecting young women in amateur athletics. Bremer is credited with leading the efforts to pass bipartisan Olympic Reform in the wake of the Larry Nasser scandal. The Olympic Reform bill was signed into law by President Trump in 2020. 

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate’s most recent editorial for Fox News, published on March 10th, stresses the dangers of allowing biological males to compete against biological females. Dangers include safety, fairness, and the preservation of Title IX, which was passed to protect and promote women in sport. 

Bremer’s article highlights how scholarship opportunities for female athletes will be diminished by forcing them to compete against biological males.

“For you moms and dads with daughters that compete in any youth sport: how would you feel if a boy or man were allowed to compete with your child, and they lose every game, meet, and match as a result? What if your daughter worked hard her entire life, earning a college scholarship, only to have it snatched away by a young man competing in her sport? Beyond fairness, is the issue of safety and security. Do you want that man in the same locker room as your daughter?” wrote Bremer.

Bremer has repeatedly called on the NCAA to permanently ban biological males from competing against biological females, citing the need to preserve Title IX on behalf of female athletes.

“Title IX was rightfully put in place to protect women and their opportunities in sports and other areas. If we do not acknowledge the biological difference between males and females and use that as the standard for Title IX compliance, America will regress into a state where sports are just for boys and not for girls. This is the exact opposite direction that our great nation should be taking. We are better than this,” wrote Bremer.