Bremer: Senator Bennet Needs to Stop Doing Radical Left's Bidding
Bremer supports the role of the minority, regardless of political party, and warns against dramatic impacts of one-party rule
December 20, 2021
(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) – Senator Michael Bennet recently confirmed that he supports eliminating the filibuster, the 60-vote threshold for legislation in the Senate, and allowing legislation to move forward with a simple majority, or 51 votes.

“Coloradans deserve better than Sen. Bennet’s politically convenient hypocrisy,” Bremer said. “Senator Bennet clearly supported the filibuster when his party was in the minority. Now his view changes because his party is in power and still can’t get anything done. Sen. Bennet is once again caving to radical progressive calls to pass budget-crippling legislation which would fundamentally change America and appease his donors in New York City and California.
"As your next Senator from Colorado, I will not support eliminating the filibuster. This system forces both parties to come together and craft bipartisan, common-sense legislation that works for Americans – not the liberal elite and main stream media. Like many Coloradans, I am sick of one-party rule here in Colorado, and do not wish that catastrophe being brought to Washington, D.C.”