September 2, 2021
Contact: Matthew RJ Brodsky 
RELEASE: Cicely Davis Supports Line 3 Pipeline Construction and Calls on Ilhan Omar to Put Minnesotans First

St. Louis Park, MN -  Candidate for U.S. Congress Cicely Davis (MN-5) released the following statement regarding the construction of the new Line 3 pipeline running from Canada, through northern Minnesota, to Superior, Wisconsin:
“Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is bringing her fellow Squad members to Minnesota on Friday to protest the necessary replacement construction of the Line 3 pipeline. While it’s about time that Omar returns to our district, she is once again more interested in activist theater than she is in serving the residents she was elected to represent. That she is thumbing her nose at a project led by union labor at the start of Labor Day weekend is merely the latest indication of how out of touch Ilhan Omar is not only with the citizens of Minnesota but with her own Democrat party.
“The reasons to support the final construction of Line 3 are manifest. First and foremost, it is about safety. The existing Line 3 was constructed some 60 years ago, is now corroding, and can only operate at around half its original capacity. The safest option is to complete the new 337-mile Line 3 in Minnesota using modern construction methods, which remains a safer option than transporting crude by trucks or trains.
“The project is also good for Minnesota’s economy and will bring in millions of dollars to the state and create an estimated 4,200 union construction jobs for Minnesotans.
“Simply put, construction of Line 3 is safer than what exists today, it is good for Minnesota’s economy, and it creates jobs in Minnesota. Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN-5) and Betty McCollum’s (D-MN-4) latest letter to President Biden with dozens of mostly DFL state legislators is another attempt to shackle the Biden administration to even more progressive policies. These folks are simply against America’s energy independence and despise traditional forms of energy production.
“The president already blocked the Keystone XL pipeline permit but he is allowing Russia to complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany. Clearly, protecting the environment isn’t the main issue, nor is being ideologically consistent. In fact, the only thing Biden and Omar share a level of consistency on is sticking it to the American worker. For those keeping score, Biden is parroting the calls from his far-Left base and earning points for Putin while shafting the American people. Ilhan Omar’s latest foray into energy politics, under the guise of environmentalism, demonstrates yet again that she’s far more at home shouting empty slogans than solving real problems.”