Congressman August Pfluger (TX-11) announces endorsement of Eli Bremer
Bremer’s classmate at USAFA says Bremer has national security creds to be Senator

February 24, 2022

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) - Today, in the wake of Russia’s alarming invasion of the Ukraine, Eli Bremer announced the endorsement of Congressman August Pfluger. Congressman Pfluger is a graduate of the Unites States Air Force Academy, presently serves as a Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves, formerly worked for the National Security Council, and is a member of the Republican Steering Committee, Homeland Security Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee. 

“Europe is facing its worst war since World War II,” commented Pfluger. “Russia’s actions have shown that they are no longer deterred by American sanctions or intimidated by our standing in the global community. We have entered a new era of national security threats. China is conducting military exercises over Taiwan and may move forward with plans to invade.
“Now more than ever, America needs leaders who truly understand our national security issues and are prepared to lead under the upcoming challenges we face. Eli is one of those leaders. 
“Like me, he was trained at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado which is one of our nation’s top military institutions. During his time at the Academy, Eli studied Russian language and specialized in the economic transition issues facing the former Soviet region. Eli has traveled extensively giving him firsthand knowledge of foreign cultures. He has worked with top United States military leaders and has earned the respect of many in our defense and political communities. 
“I know Eli personally, and I know him well. Eli will not be a back-bench Senator, and he will not cower to international bullies. Eli will be a thought leader who will help shepherd America towards safety and prosperity for years to come.”

“I’m pleased to receive the endorsement of my friend and fellow United States Air Force Academy graduate, Congressman August Pfluger,” stated Bremer. "Even as a freshman Congressman, August has been a leader on national security issues due to his impressive resume in the military and within the national security community.

"Congressman Pfluger knows what it means to be a successful and impactful Member of Congress, and I am honored that he believes in my campaign and my ability to be an immediately effective Senator.”