US Senate candidate and Olympian, who spent a career fighting for women’s rights in amateur sports, calls for an end to males identifying as females competing in women’s events
January 28th, 2022

(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) - United States Senate candidate and Olympian Eli Bremer is calling on the NCAA to ban individuals born as males but identifying as female, from competing in women’s sports. Bremer, who represented Team USA in the 2008 Olympics in the Pentathlon and lettered in
two NCAA Division I sports, raises this critically important issue to protect young women on numerous fronts.

One, to protect female student athletes from not only losing sporting events but also losing scholarship opportunities to males that identify as females. And two, to protect young women from having individuals born as biological males from sharing their locker room.

“The NCAA must do the right thing to protect women and to maintain the integrity of collegiate competition. It is dead wrong for female athletes to lose to biological males. There will be a catastrophic drop in young women competing in sports, knowing they’ll never earn an NCAA scholarship because a male will beat them to it.”

“As a father, I’m also sensitive to doing everything we can to protect our kids. There is no place for biological males to be in the same locker room as females,” said Bremer, who has championed the rights and safety for women athletes for over eleven years.

Because of Title IX, which was passed to level the playing field for women in sports, any potential reforms within the NCAA or Olympic Committee must be passed in their respective governing bodies: Congress. As a United States Senator, Bremer promises to continue leading the fight on Capitol Hill to protect women and the integrity of amateur sports.

“If the NCAA won’t stop this politically correct insanity that has biological males destroying females in sports like swimming, then I will bring the fight to them as a US Senator.”

“It is terribly unfair for biological males to compete alongside biological females for scholarships, titles, and accolades. I will not let our great nation regress into a state where sports are just for boys and not for girls. There’s no place for men in the women’s pool or locker room. Radical progressives are destroying our country and women’s sports. Not on my watch. That ends once I go to Washington and bring common sense back to Congress,” concluded Bremer.

The call for a permanent ban by the NCAA to stop biological males that identify as female from competing in female sports comes on the heels of U Penn trans swimmer Lia Thomas, born male and named Will Thomas, dominating women’s collegiate swimming.

High School swimmer Chelsea Mitchell, a 16-year-old from Connecticut, also shared her frustration and anger at biological boys competing against her in track and field. Just like Bremer, Ms. Mitchell is also calling on the NCAA and International Olympic Committee to address the issue of biological males dominating female sports, before girls sports becomes a thing of the past.