March 7, 2019
Emily Fetsch, Director of Policy and Research
(785) 232-0550, ext. 1011

House vote on Senate Bill 22 a disappointment,  but a long journey remains
Topeka, KS -- Emily Fetsch, Director of Policy and Research at the Kansas Center for Economic Growth project, released the following statement after the Kansas House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 22.

" The vote in the Kansas House on SB 22 today was a step in the wrong direction. But we have a lengthy journey ahead.
"It's regrettable that a majority of representatives voted for an unbalanced tax plan that primarily benefits multinational corporations and high-income individuals. At a time when schools need funding, Medicaid needs expanding, and the foster care system needs fixing, this tax giveaway should not have been a priority.
"The story isn't finished, however. We will be talking about this bill again, as it winds its way back to the Senate, and then possibly heads to Gov. Laura Kelly. As our conversations continue, we hope that more legislators join those in the House and Senate who stood up for sustainable tax policy. We've seen how Kansans came together to end the Brownback tax experiment, and we've seen the state begin to recover.
"That progress is worth preserving. The work of keeping Kansas on a balanced, sustainable fiscal path will continue."

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