Many Agree, Colorado is Competitive
Eli Bremer makes it winnable


(COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) – After Tuesday’s election results came in forcefully for Republicans across the nation, most notably in Virginia, many election ratings websites shifted their prediction models for the 2022 election. Elections Daily and Sabato’s Crystal Ball both shifted Sen. Michael Bennet’s (D-CO) seat from “Safe Democratic” to “Likely Democratic”. Recent polling shows that Bennet’s approval rating is down by 6% and President Biden’s is down by 10%. According to the poll, Bremer’s candidacy provides the most competitive challenge to defeat a vulnerable Bennet.

Elections Daily noted: “Republican Eli Bremer, a veteran and Olympic athlete, is the two term Senator’s strongest opponent so far.”
Bremer said: “I’m excited to see national forecasters understanding the opportunity we have here in Colorado. We have known all along that one party rule, especially when the Democratic party has gone so far to the radical left, does not sit well with folks here in Colorado. Coloradans are frustrated with the continued failures and lack of action by the Biden Administration and Democratically-held Senate. They want common sense leadership that is focused on families and the economy, while keeping Americans safe and secure to practice their freedoms and liberties. It’s a long road to November 8th, 2022, but I am determined to give Coloradans the Senator they deserve.”