Is your workplace
health and safety compliant?
Hafa Adai Members,

We have been advised by the Governor's Physician's Advisory Group that safety and health protocols need to be more stringently followed as there have been an alarming increase in the spread of the Coronavirus within the private sector.

We have been asked to communicate with our members to remind all entities to stay vigilant and diligent in practicing public health guidelines at the workplace. Note the specific issues of violations include:

  • Employees exposed to Covid-19: It is extremely important to follow the latest from CDC & the Department of Public Health. Please view DPHSS website for updates on guidance memos. The Physician's Advisory Group recommends that employees who have been exposed to a positive case should be required to quarantine for 14 days. A negative test result after 5-7 days does not clear the individual from potentially exposing others. The full 14 days are required to ensure the safety and well being of your employees in the workplace as well as customers.

  • Monitor the health of all employees on a daily basis. Some employees are unwilling to admit that they don't feel well because they don't want to miss out on a paycheck. Please review employee paid leave rights associated with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act).

  • Employees should take breaks separately. Transmission rates could be higher when co-workers congregate and do no practice social distancing and sanitation protocols. Please review your policies or read DPHSS Guidance Memo 2020-07 or 2020-28 for details.

  • Conduct frequent briefings with your employees (daily or once a week are recommended)

We appreciate all that you have been doing to keep the spread to a minimum. Let's continue to keep each other updated on the various processes that work for our businesses and office areas to keep everyone safe and healthy. Please feel free to share this message with anyone that will benefit from the information.

Onward Together,

Catherine Castro
If you missed our webinar Navigating the COVID-19 Minefield featuring Vincent Camacho, Principal and Meredith Sayre, Of Counsel, Camacho, Calvo Law Group, LLC you may want to spend about an hour or so to review what employers should be doing to protect their employees and their customers. They discuss the CARES Act and how the laws impact Guam businesses.
SHRM Guam Chapter provided a webinar just before summer entitled: Is Your Business Workplace Ready featuring Charlotte Huntsman, SHRM-CP, PHR, President, SHRM Guam Chapter Daphne Leon Guerrero, SHRM-SCP, Pacific State Council Certification Director. They go through a number of HR issues including health & safety, policies and testing, updating SOPs in light of this pandemic and more.
Following are quick links to help you as you review your workplace safety and health protocols:

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