11th & 12th Grade CATCH Prep Families,

As we finalize college selections and financial aid packages for graduating Seniors, and prepare Juniors for the last leg of their college readiness journey with upcoming SAT registration, Personal Statement workshops, and Posse Scholarship nominations, CATCH Prep is holding its annual COLLEGE FAMILY DINNER NIGHT to engage students and families in the last bits of paperwork and guidelines required for University registration.

Beginning at 6pm in the CATCH Prep Auditorium, we are expecting a full house of 11th & 12th grade students and families in attendance. Dinner will be provided, and you'll leave with information, materials, and answers about sending your student to college, and what to expect in the months ahead.

Congratulations to all our students on their phenomenal college choices this Spring. We'll see you tonight to celebrate and further prepare :)

Love Always,

Patricia Smith
Founder & Executive Director, CATCH Prep