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Hello All,
I hope you will be able to join us for the last of our four EMC Society webinars this year. We’ve got a great topic with a great speaker. We think it will be of interest to everyone. There is no cost to attend; all IEEE members and guests are welcome to join us. 
Don’t forget you can still watch our previous webinars about Automotive Testing, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity, and our ‘five minute webinars’ with many of the best paper candidates from this year’s EMC Society Virtual Symposium. These are available on-demand at https://www.emcs.org/on-demand-webinars.html
The speaker for our Wednesday, December 16 webinar from 3:30-4:30 pm Eastern US time is Dr. Bob Scully. Along with being a hugely experienced engineer with NASA (who was awarded a Silver Snoopy for his work on flight safety and mission success), Bob is a Past President of the EMC Society, is currently the Chair of our Education Committee and has taken charge of organizing the Experiments and Demonstrations for the EMC Symposium for quite a few symposiums (including the forthcoming 2021 EMC Society International Symposium).
This is going to be an exciting, interesting, and informative event. Please come and join us for our last EMC Society webinar for 2020. See you at “Lift Off”!
Best wishes,
Alistair Duffy
President, IEEE EMC Society
I Need My Space!
Speaker: Bob Scully

Abstract: Reviewing events and news, firsts and lasts, across a spectrum of space exploration (with some electromagnetics thrown in, of course), Dr. Bob Scully will talk about the new Orion Crew Module, the Mars Rover, the ISS, the Europa mission, SLS, SpaceX … and more! Adding Q&A to this live presentation so the audience can ask questions about the next steps in space exploration makes for a unique opportunity to join one of NASA’s most experienced engineers.
Bob Scully
Principal EMC Engineer with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA