As we head into the holiday season, I can't help but think of all that I am thankful for.

I think of my dear friend and colleague, Bruce McLeod, who we lost from this world far too early. When he passed away suddenly last summer, it was a real jolt – in many ways, I have come to learn, I am still grieving. 

As I work through the grief and loss, it has certainly deepened my feelings of gratitude for the people around me – friends, colleagues, clients and, certainly, my family.

How fortunate I am to be surrounded by these people, by people like you.

From an early age my parents instilled the importance of giving back and, especially in the last five years, we have worked at making this an integral part of the Vision Coaching culture. 

Some of this undoubtedly comes as well from my early career experience in the non-profit sector, knowing how much these organizations rely on the generosity of others to carry forward with their important work.

But I am also keenly aware how fortunate I have been in life and business. For me, that comes with an obligation to find ways to support organizations who are making our world a better place. I share the following with you in an effort to shine light on these amazing organizations. 

Continuing with the theme of the importance of giving back, I had the privilege – along with my colleague Emily Rodger – to chat with tech entrepreneur and philanthropist Marcel LeBrun, who today is focused on building the 12 Neighbours community.

In For the Love of Humanity, a recent episode of The Boiling Point podcast, Emily and I talk with Marcel about his journey with 12 Neighbours and his hopes for it as a solution to homelessness. In a wide-ranging and thoughtful conversation, he shares his thoughts on the obligations of business to give back, his time as CEO of Radian 6, one of the biggest Atlantic Canadian success stories, the dignity of every individual and more.
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