Written and directed
by �lvaro Curiel
Sunday, December 30, 4pm
Alamo Drafhouse Village
2700 W Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757. Tel: (512) 476-1320

Tickets $10 | Members $8
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Acorazado Acorazado
A film by �lvaro Curiel

2010, Mexico, Comedy/Drama , 97 min.  

Cast: Silverio Palacios, Laura de la Uz, Salvador S�nchez, Santiago Alfonso, Norma Ang�lica, Enrique Molina, Azalia Ortiz, Luis Alberto Garc�a, Terry Holiday, Carlos Colombo   

In Spanish with English subtitles

Sunday, December 30, 4pm
Alamo Drafhouse Village 
2700 W Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757. Tel: (512) 476-1320. [Map]

Tickets $10 | Members $8

Members RSVP: Just send your name and the number of tickets you'd like to book to amigos(@) Your tickets will be available at the Cine Las Americas table 45 minutes before the screening.

"This political satire stings, yet it's not mean-spirited." -

"His (Silverio Palacios) ability to combine physical comedy with the heart of his character is reminiscent of Peter Sellers or Dudley Moore in their prime." - Simon Foster, SBS Film

In the port city of Veracruz, Mexico, Silverio (Silverio Palacios) spends his time writing politically charged speeches and delivering them in city buses. He hangs out with his fellow harbor workers, who continue their Union struggle against the privatization of the port that left them all unemployed; and with his friend La Manuela (Terry Holiday), a transsexual who deals pirated CDs. Sometimes, he also goes home to his wife and daughter, who treat him with disdain. Just about everyone pushes Silverio to leave Veracruz and seek a better life in the United States, in part to get rid of him, but also to vicariously fulfill their own ambitions. When Silverio finally decides to leave, his friend El Alacr�n (Salvador S�nchez) helps him make a plan to travel to the Florida Keys by raft, and pose as a Cuban migrant so he can enter and stay in the U.S. But Silverio's makeshift raft gets caught in a storm, and when he finally reaches land the whole purpose of his adventure will shift radically. This self-styled "brief man" will find himself improvising a new life as the famous migrant who went south instead of north.


En el puerto de Veracruz, M�xico, Silverio (Silverio Palacios) pasa el tiempo escribiendo discursos cargados de protesta pol�tica y declam�ndolos en autobuses urbanos. Tambi�n se re�ne con sus compa�eros del sindicato de trabajadores del puerto, quienes contin�an su lucha en contra de la privatizaci�n que dej� a todos desempleados; y con su amiga La Manuela (Terry Holiday), un transexual que vende discos piratas. En veces tambi�n va a su casa con su mujer y su hija, quienes lo tratan con desd�n. Pr�cticamente todos orillan a Silverio a dejar Veracruz para buscar una mejor vida en los Estados Unidos, en parte para deshacerse de �l, y en parte para vivir indirectamente sus propias ambiciones. Cuando finalmente Silverio decide irse, su amigo "El Alacr�n" (Salvador S�nchez) le ayuda a trazar un plan para llegar hasta los cayos de Florida en una balsa, y hacerse pasar por un migrante cubano para poder entrar y quedarse en los Estados Unidos. Pero la balsa hechiza de Silverio pierde el rumbo en una tormenta. Cuando Silverio al fin llega a tierra firme, el prop�sito de su aventura cambiar� radicalmente, y �ste autodenominado "breve hombre" se ver� obligado a improvisar una nueva vida como el famoso migrante que se fue al sur en vez de al norte.

ACORAZADO a film by Alvaro Curiel - Trailer
ACORAZADO a film by Alvaro Curiel - Trailer

Presented as part of the Cine Las Americas Signature Series 

at the Alamo Drafthouse

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