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Governor Kate Brown Calls Special Session to Consider $800 Million in Relief for Oregonians
Governor calls on legislature to help Oregon communities impacted by COVID-19 and wildfires 
(Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown will convene a Special Session of the Oregon Legislature at 8:00 a.m. Monday, Dec. 21, 2020, to address Oregonians’ most pressing needs given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which have only been compounded by Oregon’s horrific wildfires. The Governor is asking the legislature to consider both critical policies and $800 million in relief to support Oregonians during a one-day special session on COVID-19 and wildfires.
“Oregonians are making tremendous sacrifices to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Governor Brown. “While the risk reduction measures we have put in place are working to slow the spread, many Oregon families are struggling with unemployment, housing, food insecurity, and paying their bills — and those most impacted are the same people who are often left behind, including rural, Black, Indigenous, Latino/Latina/Latinx, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Tribal communities.
“I continue to call on Congress to pass another robust coronavirus relief bill to bring support to the American people. But these calls have not yet been heeded. It is clear that states must act on their own to provide a bridge until federal help arrives. This is why I am calling on legislators from both sides of the aisle to come together in the best interests of the state.
“We must protect Oregonians now, as we face some of our hardest days, whether by getting critical resources into the hands of those most in need, keeping a roof over people’s heads, or recognizing the incredible toll of this virus on our small businesses and restaurants. Oregon must act to bridge the gap as we continue to wait to see federal relief. I thank legislators for their work in addressing these critical issues next week, and I look forward to our progress.”
Included in the Governor’s budget priorities is aid for tenants and landlords, funding for vaccine distribution and contact tracing, wildfire prevention and community preparedness, and support for reopening schools.
To help ensure a healthy and safe environment for conducting session, legislative officials are consulting the state epidemiologist, Dr. Dean Sidelinger.
MCDCC Committees Have Convened

Standing Committees met in December to elect a Chair of each committee. We hope you will consider volunteering for your Marion County Democratic Party as a member of the committee. Here are the election results!

The committee convened on December 16th and elected Nate Robison, Chair and Melissa Fey, Vice Chair.

The committee convened on December 15th and elected RJ Navarro, Chair and Juliane Jackson, Vice Chair.

The committee convened on December 8th and elected Barb McCullough-Jones, Chair and Emily Sorce, Vice Chair.

The committee convened on December 7th and elected Lisa Cejka, Chair.

The committee convened on December 1st and elected Marcia Kelley, Chair and Rebekah Degner, Vice Chair.

The committee convened on December 4th and elected KC Cunningham, Chair and Victor Dodier, Secretary.

Candidate Support
The committee convened on December 6th and elected Malea Kirkland, Chair and Hollie Oaks-Miller, Vice Chair.
Committee chairs will meet to set the calendar for standing committee meetings. Please watch this newsletter for more information. There are so many ways to get involved. Please pick a committee or two and jump in with YOUR volunteer time.

Throughout December: Please see dates and times in this newsletter for the convening of MCDCC committees to select new committee Chairs

Thursday, December 17th: Monthly General Membership Meeting; 6:30pm via Zoom. Watch for link to register.

Thursday, December 31st: Good bye 2020! We're done with you! And please take 'Rona with you.

Wednesday, January 20th: Noon/9:00am PT; Inauguration of the 46th President of the United States.

Thursday, January 21st: Monthly General Membership Meeting; 6:30pm via Zoom. Watch for link to register.

Monday, February 15th: Presidents' Day Celebration (Federal Holiday)
Statement from Senator-Elect Deb Patterson, "I am pleased that Governor Brown is calling for a special session on Dec 21 to address pressing needs in our state, including extending the rent moratorium and providing help for landlords, mitigating losses faced by independent restaurants, helping school districts prepare to safely reopen, and funding needed COVID-19 and wildfire relief. I look forward to joining my fellow Legislators on January 11th."
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