Virtual Learning & Workshop Invitation

Equity in Action: Virtual Learning & Workshop

At the start of the new year, the Local Children's Cabinet Network committed to prioritizing and championing equity centric work in ways that would help cabinets translate dialogue about equity into equitable action. We are excited to invite you to the LCCN's first Equity in Action event of 2021!

This event will be a joint session with the State Children's Cabinet Networks (SCCN) and will feature presentations from Julie Whitman (SCCN) and Karla Bruce (LCCN) detailing how each of their cabinets are working to galvanize equitable change within their communities. Following presentations, we will create space for discussion, collaboration and strategizing centered on the application of these tools and frameworks in our respective communities.

Equity in Action: Learning & Workshop
Wednesday, March 31
2:00PM - 3:00PM, EST
More About Our Speakers
Karla Bruce, Chief Equity Officer for Fairfax County, VA, leads the county’s One Fairfax effort. One Fairfax is a joint social and racial equity policy of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and School Board. We are thrilled to have Karla walk us through the framework in which she utilizes in Fairfax to ensure equitable resource allocation. In essence, Karla works to identify the needs of previously disenfranchised members of the population into account when allocating funding for the next fiscal year.

You can gain great context into Karla's work by reading Route Fifty article she was recently featured in. You can also can glance over the deck used in her team's Becoming One Fairfax presentation her team delivered the Fairfax Preservation Taskforce.
Julie Whitman, Executive Director of the Commission to Improve the Status of Children in Indiana (CISC), has established a strong cabinet that is able to coordinate multiple different entities that unilaterally work to serve children across the state. A major contributor to CISC’s ability to make decisions that impact young people is the way they utilize their Equity Guide. This guide is used to address the unintended consequences of implicit bias that may influence the development and application of policies, practices and decisions on disparate populations.

We’re excited for Julie to walk us through the CISC Equity Guide, and we believe it’s a guide that it applicable regardless of the size and scope of a decision or the cabinet making it.
Karla Bruce
Chief Equity Officer
Fairfax County
Julie Whitman
Executive Director
Indiana CISC
The Education Redesign Lab, Children's Funding Project and the Forum for Youth Investment
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