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     Marketing Ideas Needed from
             Ontario Cruising Instructors!

Dear Colleagues:

Initial response to the survey has been good with excellent insights from instructors, but we still have not heard from many of you. As the instructor meeting at which our report will be presented is now scheduled for early May, we are in a position to extend the deadline for responses to Monday, April 24th. You will find the link to the survey below.

At our meeting on November 28, 2016, the Ontario Sailing Cruising Committee agreed to set up an Ad-hoc Marketing Committee jointly chaired by Steve Singer and Rob McLean. As part of its work, the Ad-Hoc Committee decided that it would be important to seek input from all Ontario cruising instructors, principals of cruising schools, and IEs on potential marketing objectives, goals, and initiatives. The Committee met several times in December and January and prepared a survey intended for distribution in February.
The Ad-hoc Marketing Committee is pleased that it is finally possible for instructors to be invited to participate in this online survey. The survey consists of 39 questions and should take in the order of 30 minutes to complete. Your individual responses will remain private and anonymous, but your collective input will help shape the Committee's marketing recommendations which will be communicated in its report, to be presented in May 2017.
Your full participation in the survey is essential to the future of collaborative efforts to enhanced marketing of Learn to Cruise in Ontario. If we all participate in the survey and provide thoughtful responses, this will go a long way to ensuring that our collective recommendations will be taken seriously by Ontario Sailing and other relevant organizations. Alternatively, if the participation rate is low, this will be interpreted as a lack of commitment on the part of the instructor community.
Please access the following link for details on how to register and complete the survey.
Please provide your response no later than April 24, 2017, to enable the Committee to take your views into consideration in preparing its report.
If you have any questions about participating, please contact Rob McLean at rmclean@matrixlinks.ca, or Steve Singer at stevesinger88@gmail.com.
Many thanks in advance on behalf of the Committee:
Steve Singer and Rob McLean, co-chairs