Dear Senior Parents,
This is your final reminder that Senior Baby Pictures are due next Friday, December 21st . Share a special memory with your graduating senior! Include a senior baby photo(s) and message in the 2018-19 CCNTH yearbook!

½ page is $30 (1-2 photos with wording)
Full page is $45 (# of photos depends on size with wording)

Please use  THIS FORM  to submit your message to go along with your picture(s). Please see Mrs. Lujano to process payment. Checks should be made payable to CCNTH.

➨If you would prefer to arrange the photos yourself with the wording, you can send a jpg (or other picture file: we accept jpg, jpeg, png, or tiff) or pdf of the half or full page, and we can add it that way.

➨If you would like to send us the photos and wording and have us arrange, please make sure to be clear with instructions if you have any preferences. We will try to accommodate. Again, please make sure you use  THIS FORM  to submit your message. Do NOT email your message.

➨Please ensure that scanned photos are of a high quality. If you would prefer us to scan the photo or photos, then bring it/them to Mrs. Crowe or Mrs. Lujano.

We would like to have all baby pictures and accompanying message received by Friday, December 21st.

Thank you,
Mrs. Crowe & Mrs. Lujano

Central Coast New Tech High
525 N. Thompson Road
Nipomo CA 93444