IEEE EMC Society Livestream
Chapter Meeting
In lieu of our regular chapter meetings, the
EMC Society is excited to announce a livestream EMC Society Chapter Meeting!
Dr. Vignesh Rajamani will be broadcasting
from a studio in Phoenix, Arizona.
Please join us for this special event.

Title:  Susceptibility Testing Using Reverberation Chambers
‘Impact of Your Decisions Regarding Test Field and Tuner Operation’
Abstract: With so many test options available for a radiated susceptibility test using a reverberation chamber, this talk covers the impact of the decisions regarding test field and tuner operation on the test itself. We will begin by talking about the fundamentals of a reverberation chamber followed by the key similarities and differences between a mode tuned and mode stirred tuner operation and how the choice of test field affects the input power required for a radiated susceptibility (RS) test. The advantages of a reverberation chamber test method in providing the test engineer options to design a test depending on whether the test is a simple product qualification test or a mission critical system test will be discussed.

Vignesh Rajamani in the Anechoic Chamber at Exponent, Inc in Phoenix, Arizona
Speaker: Dr. Vignesh Rajamani, Exponent Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Vignesh Rajamani is an expert in the electromagnetic characterization and application of reverberation chambers with Exponent. A main thrust of his research and project experience in the area of reverberation chambers has been towards increasing test accuracy. His expertise includes statistical electromagnetics, validation and optimization techniques for computational electromagnetics, communication system testing in complex multipath environments, EMI/C issues with unmanned aerial systems, antenna systems and radio frequency (RF) design, and estimation probability of failure of electronic systems due to electromagnetic interference and compatibility. In his role as a Manager at Exponent, he assists clients with identifying the root cause of the failures of electronic systems and provides guidance on possible solutions, especially in the area of EMI/C.

Dr. Rajamani is the Vice President of Member Services for the IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Society and is involved with several technical committees and educational activities in the EMC Society.

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