Liberating Human Potential
featuring Ventivia's Peter Baverso
Tuesday, July 11, 12-1pm ET

On TUESDAY, July 11, Peter Baverso will present a framework and discuss practical tools to help you achieve strategic clarity, galvanize commitment, and move teams from “forming” to “performing” around your greatest innovation challenges. By combining human neuro-networks, organizational networks, and mindfulness in simple frameworks you can leverage the “power of we” to become smarter, faster, better, and HAPPIER.

Peter Baverso works with organizations to help them liberate human potential. Peter serves as the human performance practice lead for Marine Corps Acquisition; Senior Partner for Ventivia, LLC; and President of the Potomac (Washington, D.C.) Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement. For the past several decades Peter has applied evidence-based approaches in innovative ways to help individuals and organizations expose their inner brilliance and liberate human potential.

“I consider myself a bit of an organizational anthropologist," Peter says, "uncovering the brilliance that already exists, but is often unseen. I’m then able to help frame that brilliance to help individuals and organizations liberate innate human potential.”

This event is part of the Connected Commons' Spotlight Series. Please  visit our website  to view our full calendar of webinars and learn more about ONA.

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