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How Do We Stand For Love?
“The ultimate measure of a human being is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience but where they stand at time of challenge and controversy.”
Martin Luther King
In these tumultuous times that we are living in, where do we stand? How do we rise up and guide our attention authentically towards the issues that are facing us?

Can we find the key that fits the door that will bring awareness of race and acceptance of differences to the young child? Can we find the gestures that fit the young child and match their developmental consciousness without waking them too quickly but providing access and opening their world to inclusion and diversity?

It is of utmost importance that we explore ways that facilitate our encounter with each other and with the children and cultivate it with great care, growing it with patience and diligence. Love that is actively creating and acts without reacting brings a virtue that Martin Luther King has coined “universal altruism.” King describes this kind of altruism as the goodness in the human being that carries deep interest in all other human beings, calling them sisters and brothers, without any limitations.

The realization that each of us as individuals and in our own Waldorf schools have been blind to the exclusion in our classrooms, faculty and administration has come knocking loudly at our door. It is quite remarkable to see the care and effort of the teachers realizing that change is needed and feeling a deep yearning to connect to all human beings, recognizing the suffering and tremendous struggle that others have had to withstand. Teachers have opened their eyes to the burden that others have had to endure because of their race, gender, religion and nationality. Our active participation together to meet these challenges will take courage, strength and genuine insight.

We travel together on the road ahead standing for love.

WECAN offers support for our endeavors with the young children in our care as we travel together accompanying one another. Here is a place where individuals, schools, home programs and childcare programs find companionship, inspiration and connection.

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Laurie Clark