From the POAH Midwest Office

With spring and summer approaching and as the city emerges from a year of isolation and worry, I wanted to update all on what we’ve been up to and why we greet the coming period with both a sigh of relief and excitement at the prospect of resuming activities, friendships and, of course, the renewal of spring.

Among the many things we’ve learned in this trying year is that housing that is affordable may be more important today than ever -- but also at greater risk than ever.

Important because sheltering in place has proven critical to staying safe and healthy in the pandemic, so that children can learn remotely and parents (the lucky ones) can work from home; at great risk because as businesses close or cut back and incomes shrink, it’s harder for households to pay rent and for landlords to stay current on mortgages and repairs.

Bill Eager, Senior Vice President,
POAH Midwest
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