YASSS we are REOPENING on May 18th!
Team PIVOT is thrilled to announce our reopening day of Monday May 18th. I want to thank all of you again for your support during this time - you have been amazing!

Our focus over the last few weeks has been on a back-to-business plan with our #1 priority being to provide a healthy and safe environment for all of our members and employees. We have worked closely with our city leaders, local health departments and will continue to be guided by the CDC's recommendations during our phases of reopening.

As part of this plan there will be a few important changes to our operations, updated policies as well as precautions we are taking upon the reopening of PIVOT. I ask that you read through our updated Operations, Precautions and Policies below. This will make for a smooth reopening for all. Thank you!


  • Opening Day Monday May 18th

  • We will open with reduced class sizes and main gym occupancy to promote 6’ social distancing.

  • In Phase 1 of reopening there will not be 24/7hr access. We hope to bring this to you as soon as we can.

  • Class and gym sign-ups via PIVOT app begin on Monday May 11th. In order to register for class, please remember your credit card must be on file. This can be added via the app under profile.

  • Personal Training and Health Coaching are available as is massage at our Ten Mile location beginning May 18th. Massage will begin at our Downtown - Pioneer Crossing location on June 1st. If interested in these services please call membership services or speak to someone on-site.

  • IMPORTANT new process, the use of main gym (cardio + weights) will require members to sign up as a class on the PIVOT app ie. run on treadmill from 8-9am or lift from 12-1pm, you must sign-up via the PIVOT app prior to working out to ensure there is an opening. Look for "Gym Reservation" to sign up. Please be courteous to other members and do not sign-up for more than one time block per day.

  • Ages 60+ Gym Reservation time will occur daily after deep cleaning from 2-3pm M-F. Please do not sign-up for this time if you are under the age of 60.

  • Pre-registering for a class is required to reserve your spot in any of our three studios (yoga, cycling, functional training) and main gym (cardio + weights).

  • In addition to our regular scheduled instructor led KA Ride classes we will now be offering non-instructor led KA Rides. Upon reopening we will offer these new rides at both locations. This will be a scheduled class with the same KA Ride of the day as our normal instructor led classes just on autopilot via our software. The workout will be on the two main screens and run at a set time. Please take note if you see non-instructor led KA Rides listed on our app, this is what it means. This will allow for more members to participate in a great workout throughout the day without a coach, if the instructor led times do not work or classes are full. Look for "Self-Guided KA Ride" to sign up.

  • No-show policy will be in effect, if a member signs up for a class and doesn't cancel within 3-hours of their class or gym start time, their account will be charged $10. This fee also applies to those more than 5-minutes late to any class time, as well as not being permitted into the class.

  • Check-in iPads have been removed. All check-in's need to happen by coach once in class or at membership services desk. To aid in this, pictures will now be required for all customer accounts. Your coach may ask for your picture upon arrival if you do not already have one in the system.

  • When you arrive at PIVOT and are using the main gym please check in with membership services and be sure to check-in just as you would a class.

  • Restrooms will remain open; however, our locker rooms and showers will not be open during this first phase of reopening.

  • Please plan ahead and minimize what you bring to PIVOT. We ask that what you bring fits in one of our smaller cubbies. Please leave any valuables at home.

  • Upon entering and exiting classes we ask each participant to disinfect their hands.

  • After equipment use we ask members to wipe down equipment and wipe up any sweat.

  • If you are planning on taking Yoga please bring your own mat and towel. Mats will not be provided to rent.


  • Our building cleaning chemicals and disinfectants meet the CDC guidelines for COVID-19

  • Air filtration, air exchanges, hot yoga room (Ten Mile) capabilities. Our dedicated HVAC system for this room allows us to completely evacuate the room following each class and bring the environment back to baseline dry conditions. This is a highly sophisticated system that allows us to keep a healthy and safe environment while practicing in the heat.

  • Complete cleaning and disinfectant of entire facility and equipment has taken place.

  • Replaced all HVAC filters with hospital grade filters.

  • Use of Electrostatic Spraying System on equipment/surfaces at minimum twice per day.

  • During 1-hour of each day operations will close for cleaning. A full-cleaning will also take place after hours.

  • Ongoing cleaning each hour will be performed by staff.

  • Staff will do daily temperature checks prior to coming into the workplace.

  • Staff will wear face masks/coverings in common areas or when assisting members in a space closer than 6' in distance. While coaching if 6' social distancing guidelines are being adhered to; wearing a mask will be at their discretion.

  • Although not mandatory, we ask members to be mindful and adhere to the above practice in all common areas walking to and from class. Once in class there will be 6' social distancing.

  • Individual spray bottles and shop towels will be provided prior to our POD and Ride Studio classes. These allow for cleaning of equipment during and after classes preventing a bottleneck at sanitation stations.

  • Larger spray bottles and shop towels will be available for our Yoga and gym (cardio + weigh room area).


  • Regularly consulting with our local health departments and CDC for current guidelines and best practices.

  • Please use hand sanitizer prior to entering and exiting each class

  • Reduce class sizes and main gym occupancy to promote 6’ social distancing

  • No back to back classes to allow for proper cleaning as well as air changes and for our hot yoga room to bring room back to normal dry conditions

  • Check-In iPads removed. All check-in’s need to happen by coach once in class or at membership services desk.

  • If participant did not pre-register or needs additional help, they can check-in at membership services desk.

  • Initial phase we ask that members sign up for a max of 1-hour gym/cardio time per day, and 1x group class per day to allow for all to participate.

  • Please stay at home if you feel sick or have a cough, fever and/or shortness of breath. 

There will be continued communication rolling out over the next week. In the meantime, if you haven’t followed us on Facebook or Instagram please do so. I will be going LIVE to talk about our opening as well as answering any questions members may have upon our reopening. On your PIVOT app please make sure your settings allow for our push notifications to your phone and/or email so you can keep up to date on the on the latest information and important updates.

We are ONE team; ONE community. I have no doubt together we can bring back a thriving healthy + safe environment for all!

As always, if you have questions please never hesitate to email us at info@pivotbyka.com or call one of our locations. Voicemails are being forwarded to the info email until opening day.

We look forward to seeing everyone soon. Stay healthy and safe!

Kristin Armstrong 
PIVOT Lifestyle + Fitness by Kristin Armstrong | www.PIVOTbyKA.com