Are you Full-SPDAT Trained?!
Only 45% of all HMIS users (including those presently training to be on HMIS) are.
If you have NOT been Full-SPDAT trained, you will lose access to perform SPDAT's in HMIS on Tuesday 2/19/2019 until you complete the training.
Not sure if you've been trained? Check in with your Agency Administrator - they will be receiving an email from us shortly in regards to who needs to be SPDAT trained.

Do You Need to be SPDAT trained? Sign up here!
Questions on SPDAT training should be directed to Ben Haynie from Crossroads Rhode Island at 401-521-2255 x700 or .

This training is mandatory - no full-SPDAT's should EVER be completed without attending one of these full-day trainings. If you've been trained on SPDAT's in another CoC, the training must be completed in our CoC in order for you to perform SPDAT's in Rhode Island. (Note: Do not confuse this with the VI-SPDAT's. Those assessments can be completed after watching the training video and signing the VI-SPDAT Policy. Full-SPDAT's require in-person training).