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People living with Parkinson's could be empowered with dancing and movements.

Dancing with Parkinsons

 A new film about dance
Parkinson's by 
Rutgers Filmmaking Center  explains how music, dancing and stretching could help the body and people with Parkinson's. Dancer and Parkinson's patient Pamela Quinn and others who benefit from dancing offered their testimonies. 

How do you translate your curiosity into 
success? Share your 
ideas with us! 

COVID-19 main protease RCSB Protein Data Bank

As a research university, special consideration is being given to evaluate and plan for possible scenarios that may affect our critical research efforts. 

S. David Kimball, Senior Vice President for Research and Economic Development, today announced the latest set of  guidance for researchers and urged faculty and research teams to communicate research continuity plans to their chairs and directors by Wednesday, March 18. Read his full memo, which offers detailed information about research continuity planning, further guidance on laboratory research, clinical research, research with human subjects, and animal care. 

The Rutgers Research COVID-19 website  will continue to be updated with the latest news from ORED, guidance from our Research Administration team and from federal and other research sponsors, answers to frequently asked questions, and more. Check back regularly. Important updates will also be posted on the Universitywide COVID-19 website
Effort Certification and Reporting Updates In Light of COVID-19

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 issue, the Effort Certification & Reporting period for Principal Investigators will be postponed to April 6, 2020 and will continue for a duration of 45 days until May 20, 2020. This change will be appended to our policy and procedures for this certification period only. 

The Brown Bag Briefing on Payroll Cost Transfers will only be held via Webex on March 23, 2020 from 9:30-11:00 a.m. Participants must register via the  Cornerstone Course Registration System under "ORED - Grants & Contracts" to receive the Webex details. The class will focus on the analytical aspects of preparing and submitting SWRJs, the impact on accurate and timely effort certification, and best practices. 

The 1907 Trailblazer Award was established to encourage high-impact, step-change approaches to research in the brain and mind sciences for mental health. In addition to supporting a specific research project, the Award intends to increase the size of the talent pool of early career investigators researching causes and cures for mental illness. 1907 Research promotes these aims by providing a $100,000 research gift and a $20,000 prize. Projects must be grounded in the study of biological mechanisms underlying brain function, cognitive processes, and/or consciousness. Proposals are limited to two applicants for all of Rutgers. Pre-proposals must be submitted through the Rutgers  Limited Submission process . The internal application deadline is March 31.

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice is seeking applications for funding to conduct research and evaluation to enhance knowledge to improve the safety of schools and students. Though serious violence at school is uncommon, school-based victimization is a significant concern. Schools across the nation have implemented a wide variety of approaches to keep schools and students safe. The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing School Violence Act of 2018 (STOP School Violence Act) purpose areas call for projects that would support a variety of school safety activities and resources. This solicitation complements the STOP School Violence Act by seeking applications to study the root causes of school violence and to evaluate the effectiveness of school safety approaches addressing the STOP School Violence Act's purpose areas. Applications are due April 13.

The Whitehall Foundation, through its program of grants and grants-in-aid, assists scholarly research in the life sciences. It is the Foundation's policy to assist those dynamic areas of basic biological research that are not heavily supported by Federal Agencies or other foundations with specialized missions. The Foundation emphasizes the support of young scientists at the beginning of their careers and productive senior scientists who wish to move into new fields of interest. The chief criteria for support are the quality and creativity of the research as well as the commitment of the Principal Investigator (a minimum time allocation of 20% is required). Letters of intent are due  April 15
to the following researchers for their recently-awarded grants:

Nikhat Parveen - New Jersey Medical School 
Aaron Bernstein School of Arts and Sciences
Michelle F. Brill -  New Jersey  Agricultural Experiment Station
Abraham Pinter New Jersey Medical School
David Alland New Jersey Medical School

Learn about their research under  Grant Announcements.
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