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June 2019
Changing the World
Our world is changing! Old patterns don’t fit so well anymore. It is easy to rebel against what no longer fits, but responding in that way just leads to the kind of polarization we already see each day in the news. I believe that each person is a pattern maker, having an implicit intricacy and forward life direction unique to themselves. What I love about Focusing is it helps each person to find their own unique self and direction. Focusing is a different way of knowing, one that values each person in interaction with others and the environment at the same time. 
Focusing allows us to facilitate change, not through force or someone else’s belief system, but through direct contact with the natural feel of your own inner knowing. Steps for change come from that direct contact inside. That’s what I think the world needs. Then we can begin to listen to each other, across cultures, religions, gender, language, and so much more.

Learning Focusing helps you become a pattern. My training program gives therapists and other healing professionals the tools to develop their own unique ways of working with others while transforming their relationship with themselves. For those who already know Focusing well you might be interested in joining my advanced second year program. Please see below.

Training information, Bessel van der Kolk, mythology, and spirituality below.
Training opportunities
FOTCT: Focusing-Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma I
For therapists and healing professionals who are looking for a powerful way to help their clients work through trauma. This an advanced coursework that requires a solid prerequisite background in Focusing.

The first in this series of five workshops will be held September 28th and 29th, 2019

To learn more about the course click here or email me for a personal conversation about how this program might be right for you.

More training dates and opportunities available on my website.
Focusing-Oriented Therapy
(FOT) Q & A:
What do Bessel van der Kolk, mythology, and spiritual perspectives on healing have in common? 

Do you have a question about Focusing or how it is used in therapy? Send me an email with your question and I will respond.
Save the Date!
Please join me at FOT Susan Rudnick’s Seattle book launch!

Edna's Gift Book Reading
by Susan Rudnick, LCSW, FOT
Sunday, July 14th 3:00pm

Elliot Bay Books, Seattle, WA
Save the date for a warm and connected informal Focusing Gathering

Saturday July 27 from 10:00am to 4:00pm on Vashon

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