Life Science Nation Newsletter | April 26, 2018 | Issue 263

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Apr. 19 - Apr. 25 )
Seeks Global Investment and In-Licensing Opportunities with Focus in USA & UK
Launches New Global Initiative to Invest in Early-Stage Companies
Seeks In-Licensing Opportunities at All Stages, with Strong Interest in NCEs and First-In-Class Drugs
Looking to Invest In or Partner with Early-Stage Companies Developing Platforms for Regenerative Medicine
Nature BioEntrepreneur Features LSN: Aligning Needs
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By Chris Cummings, Senior Marketing Manager, LSN

We are expecting significant international attendance at RESI Boston this June, due to its proximity to the BIO International Convention. Over 100 investors are already registered! The conference will be the third RESI of 2018, and is sure to continue matching early-stage investors with Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics, and Digital Health startups. Check out some of the stats below to see what has happened so far at RESIs in 2018...

By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

BIO Week 2018 starts on June 4th, and it will be a busy time for all of us in the Boston life science scene. RESI aims to kick off the week with a full day of partnering and focused content for early stage entrepreneurs who are looking for financing and strategic relationships. RESI Boston Summer will feature new panels on Investment Opportunities in the Microbiome, Investing In Oncology Innovation, and Investing In Mental & Behavioral Health, as well as the return of RESI's focused discussions on Family Offices, Venture Philanthropy, Big Pharma and many other topics that span the gamut of life science investment and technology. With an international crowd heading to Boston for the busy conference week, the Asia-North America track will provide access to advice from experienced international delegates. We hope you can join us on June 4th.

Kouris Kalligas
An interview with
Kouris Kalligas,
Founder & CEO, Therachat

- By  Greg Mannix
VP of International BD, LSN
Greg Mannix

The San Francisco digital health startup Therachat came in 3rd at the RESI on MaRS Innovation Challenge in Toronto. Therachat is a mental health platform which simplifies homework in therapy for therapists & psychologists & their clients. Therapists & Psychologists can customize the homework experience for their clients via a simple web application and their clients can do their homework on an easy-to-use, HIPAA Compliant, mobile application. We believe that homework needed a simpler way and that's what we have built!

CEO Kouris Kalligas registered early for the conference and put a lot of time and effort into his partnering strategy. When he was notified they would compete in the IC as finalists, he decided to bring along his colleague Sajid Reshamwala so they could maximize their presence at the conference.

Greg Mannix: Kouris, how did you prepare for the RESI conference?

Kouris Kalligas: I actually spent several solid days preparing our company profile on the RESI Partnering Platform and then reaching out to as many investors as possible who looked like a fit for us. The RESI Partnering is the best match-making platform I have seen! I could get a good idea of what each investor was looking for so I could decide who to request a meeting with.

GM: That's great! How many meetings were you able to book? 
KK: I was able to book 16 meetings! And what was really cool is that 10 investors who couldn't meet with me at RESI gave me their emails through the messaging system, so I was able to contact them afterwards. I have been doing that since I got home. Fantastic...

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