Life Science Nation Newsletter  | September 7,  2017  |  Issue 230

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RESI Boston vs Other Conferences
By Chris Cummings, Senior Business Development Manager, LSN

The RESI Conference Series has created a different kind of partnering conference. At RESI, vetted investors with validated investment mandates are matched up with top novel technology firms that have compelling assets, creating dynamic relationships. Typically, partnering conferences promise early stage investors and don't always deliver. Why is this?

Before you register for an event, check their criteria for investor registration. You can read RESI's investor criteria here. Other conferences allow a broader definition of investors. Some include under their definition of "investors" debt providers, business development folks and investment bankers that charge monthly stipends from fundraising CEOs to find them capital. This is typically who you can expect to meet with at other partnering conferences...
By Michael Quigley, VP of Investor Research, LSN

To reduce the massive costs associated with getting a new drug approved, many startups, large pharma companies, venture funds, and others are looking to big data for a solution. These firms are researching, partnering, and investing into machine learning and artificial intelligence systems that scour through massive drug and target libraries to more quickly identify potential candidates than a team of researchers could. These technologies are leveraging all kinds of scientific and medical data including chemical, biologic, genomic and clinical datasets to best identify candidates. Companies are touting their tech promises "years" of savings and lower failure rates in research that can now be done through advanced algorithms. This may seem like quite the promise, but if you look at the number and size of deals in the space just in the past year, it's clear that big players are listening.

At RESI Boston this September 26 th we are bringing together a panel of 5 experts in this space to discuss their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that the use of Big Data in Drug Discovery currently faces. These speakers include a promising company with an emerging drug discovery technology, a massive CRO, and three venture funds, all actively working in this space. Look below to see the speakers for yourself. This is another cutting-edge session you won't want to miss!
  • Richard Soll, Senior Vice President, Research Service Division, WuXi AppTec (moderator)
  • Gini Deshpande, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NuMedii, Inc.
  • Millie Liu, Founding Partner, Managing Director, Procyon Ventures
  • Dylan Morris, Partner, CRV
  • Annie Hazlehurst, Founder, Faridan
By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

RESI Boston is approaching, and partnering requests are flying back and forth between attendees. As this is the 14th RESI event, LSN has gathered a great deal of information and insight on the partnering process. We've seen how skilled entrepreneurs take steps to increase their partnering success. Based on our observations, here are a few keys to partnering success:

Numbers Are Key

A simple truth underlies a lot of our other insights: Entrepreneurs that send more requests get more meetings. However, those requests have to be directed at relevant investors. The below chart plots the relationship between the number of requests sent via RESI Partnering and the number of meetings booked. This makes it clear that your goal is to surface as many relevant investors at the partnering event as possible and provide them with a clear reason to meet with you...