Life Science Nation Newsletter  | October 26,  2017  |  Issue 237

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By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

On January 9th, 2018, the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference will join the JPM fray again for our largest event yet in San Francisco. 

In the last two RESI JPM conferences, we had to close registrations two weeks early as we'd reached capacity. In RESI JPM 2018, LSN is expecting to bring together 500+ fundraising CEOs and 500+ early stage investors from around the globe and host over 2000 scheduled and ad hoc meetings in one high energy day. 

RESI JPM will offer early stage companies and investors an opportunity to get the most out of the wild week when the biotech and medtech world gathers by the Bay. Register early to secure your partnering meetings with investors and strategic partners that are a fit.

By Lucy Parkinson, Diretor of Research, LSN

When LSN decided to launch our first RESI NYC event, we knew that RESI would be part of a growing hub of resources dedicated to launching and supporting new biotech and medtech companies. The rise of NYC has been an ongoing story in the biotech world, and we've written before about how the city stands among the competitors to become North America's third great life science hub.

For a long time, the New Jersey area has been a center for big pharma companies, and New York's universities and research hospitals have long been a significant source of scientific breakthroughs in the life sciences. All told, we counted 80 pharma facilities, and almost all of these are located outside the city. Conversely, of the 32 relevant universities and research facilities plus 40 life science research nonprofits, most were within the city, as you can see in the image below. In the past, it's been difficult for entrepreneurs to bridge that gulf between the creation of new technology and its commercialization...

RESI NYC Panel Announcement - Asia Therapeutics Investors
By Claire Jeong, Research Analyst, LSN

An increasing number of investors and strategic partners from Asia are searching globally for early-stage investment and partnership opportunities from numerous angles. The Redefining Early Stage Investment (RESI) Conference series has been observing this trend closely for years and we therefore have created a panel track dedicated to Asia-North America investment and partnering, with a number of panels that focus specifically on the dynamic ecosystem of Asia.

Investment groups that previously focused on domestic activities are now raising new US dollar funds and setting up US offices to identify innovations that have strong potential to do well in the Asia market. These investors provide a tremendous value to companies that are seeking to enter the Asia market, leveraging their unique, domestic resources and expertise to assist companies with identifying proper distribution channels and resolving regulatory hurdles.

The speakers include:
  • Richard Soll, Senior Vice President, Research Service Division, WuXi AppTec
  • Andy Li, Founding Partner, BioSense Global LLC
  • Weiyong Sun, Senior Director, External Scientific Affairs, Daiichi Sankyo
  • Alvin Syh, General Manager, Buchang Pharmaceuticals
  • Mohamad Tabrizi, Senior Vice President, Business Development, ShangPharma Innovation

QuickFire Challenge
I n honor of the Grand Opening of JLABS @ NYC, Johnson & Johnson Innovation has launched a QuickFire Challenge to award up to four new game-changing early-stage innovation companies with the use of a bench, workstation and access to the JLABS @ NYC community for one year.

This competition will award the person or team(s) who submits the best idea, technology, or solution in the following areas:
  • Consumer healthcare
  • Health technologies
  • Medical devices
  • Therapeutics