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 Life Science Nation Newsletter  | November 1st, 2018   |  Issue 290

 Life Science
Investor Mandates
(Oct. 25 - Oct. 31 )

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

We are counting down the days to the RESI NYC 2018 event on November 5th, and it's now time for LSN to present the RESI NYC 2018 Program Guide. This RESI event draws upon both the rising biotech ecosystem in NY & NJ area and also LSN's global network of investors and strategic movers in the life science space, and in the Program Guide, you can find speakers, sponsors, and innovators from all over the world. To check out the full RESI NYC 2018 content and lineup, view the Program Guide below.

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 Life Science
Investor Mandates
(Oct. 25 - Oct. 31 )
Invests in Advanced Material-Based Medtech & Diagnostic Technologies
Seeks Collaboration & In-Licensing Opportunities in CNS, Autoimmune Disease, Rare/Orphan Indications
Provides Venture & Growth Equity Capital to Life Science Tools, Technologies, and Services
Strategically Invests in Technologies that Provide Novel Healthcare Solutions
Seeks to Invest in Digital Health, Devices, and Diagnostics, with Preference for Platform Technologies
Invests Up to $10M in Early-Stage Life Science Companies, Strongest Interests in Antivirals, CNS, Oncology, Diabetes
Invests Up to $10M Across All Sectors of Life Sciences, with Focus on Clinicial Stage, Post-Prototype Products
Invests in Early- to Late-Stage Life Science & Healthcare Opportunities, with Strongest Interests in Therapeutics
Invests Up to $30M in Clinical-Stage Biotech Companies & Market Ready Medtech Companies
Seeks Novel and Disruptive Medical Devices of All Stages, with Strong China Angle


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