Life Science Nation Newsletter  | March 8,  2018  |  Issue 256

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Mar. 1 - Mar. 7 )
Invests Up to $30M in Both Pre-Revenue and Revenue-Generating Life Science Companies
Seek to Invest and Partner with Medical Device Companies in Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Among Other Indications
Invests in Early-Stage Medtech and Digital Health Companies in North America
Invests Seed Capital in Health and Wellness Companies Across Canada and Western USA
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By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

Toronto Health Innovation Week is coming up in early April, and when RESI Partnering launches on Monday March 12th, RESI on MaRS attendees will be able to book meetings with other participants. LSN is projecting a total of about 700 attendees, and we expect meeting spots to move fast.

With both local Toronto firms and global strategic investors in attendance, the investors attending RESI on MaRS represent a huge pool of capital, and RESI's unique Partnering system allows those investors to home in on the startups that match their technological focus areas and investment criteria. Look below to see which investors you could meet at RESI.

Confirmed Investors and Strategic Partners

As of March 7th, 2018
By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, LSN; Creator of RESI Series 
Dr. William Kohlbrenner, CSO, LSN

There is a highly competitive search underway for promising early-stage assets as pharma and medtech companies around the globe seek to fill their pipelines with new products through in-licensing. In the past, successful in-licensing strategies typically required well-funded, fast-moving business development teams, strong research capabilities and on-the-ground scouts deployed in top technology centers. However, these investments do not always guarantee success in today's highly competitive environment where the ability to uncover and aggressively pursue novel product opportunities is key. In addition, companies without the resources to build global business development teams or Asian companies seeking to access emerging technologies in the US/Europe can find themselves at a significant competitive disadvantage.

To help address these challenges, Life Science Nation (LSN) has developed a Sourcing and Ranking Service (SRS) which provides clients with a strategic opportunity to quickly source, vet, rank and engage with early-stage partners developing technology assets that are available for in-licensing. LSN's unique position in the early stage space, and the range of capabilities we have developed, provide a strong foundation for SRS. By leveraging the LSN global partnering platform and our extensive experience assessing technology assets, SRS will efficiently find and do a preliminary risk analysis of promising assets, thus enabling our clients to quickly focus on top-tier assets that align with their interests...

You can register for this webinar at the links below: 

By Jessica Yang, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Diabetes mellitus is a global epidemic, with the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk factors believed to underlie the disease on the increase worldwide. Among this large diabetes market, China has a higher number of diabetics than any other country. According to a World Health Organization estimate, of all adults with diabetes, one in three is from China.

This attracts a large number of Chinese investors to investments in diabetes care. For example, in 2017, when Johnson & Johnson began evaluating whether to sell its diabetes units, including glucose meters, insulin pumps and other equipment used in diabetes care, multiple Chinese investors expressed interest in buying some or all of these business units. However, many Chinese investors are looking at early stage products in this space. LSN is in touch with nearly a hundred China-based firms that are open to considering pre-approval products in the diabetes and metabolic disease field...

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