Life Science Nation Newsletter | August 2, 2018 | Issue 277

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By Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, LSN

At LSN, we're gearing up to open the RESI Partnering portal in just a few days. We've been overwhelmed by the investor interest in this year's RESI Boston Fall event, with investment decision makers heading to RESI from pharma firms, VCs, family offices, corporate VCs, impact investment funds, foundations, PE firms, angel groups and institutional investment firms all over the world.

RESI attendees can book up to 16 face to face meetings with investors on September 6th. The unique, high-touch partnering information provided by the LSN Investor Platform helps RESI's attendees determine a potential fit prior to reaching out for a meeting.

By Claire Jeong, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

It's challenging to pitch a diagnostics opportunity to investors, and many entrepreneurs in the field feel that it's hard to uncover investors who have a strong focus on the field. At RESI Boston on September 6th, two panel sessions will focus on the difficulties and the possibilities for new technologies that will guide patient care in the future.

Tom Miller, Managing Director of GreyBird Ventures, will be the moderator of the RESI panel on Personalized Medicine. As his firm has a focus on diagnostic technologies, LSN is delighted to have Tom as the leader of this 50-minute discussion at RESI where the future of personalized care will be in the spotlight. We asked Tom about his goals for the event.

What will RESI attendees learn from you?

As, unlike most healthcare VCs, we are focused on technologies for diagnosis, we can give solid advice on that particular segment. Diagnostic technologies have many of the same requirements as pharmaceuticals in terms of clinical trials needs and the importance of solid clinical data but very different boundary conditions for capital efficiency and exit expectations...

By Nono Hu, Director of Marketing, LSN

Last week we discussed how to determine where your company fits within your marketplace. Once you have completed that process, the next step in a fundraising campaign is to develop your marketing materials. In this week's edition of the summer reading series, we describe the importance of and what constitutes a strong set of marketing materials in the life science fundraising world. While your team and your technology are what will ultimately secure an allocation, having marketing collateral that clearly and concisely communicates your message will help you tremendously in getting in the door with investors.

Chapter 6 of The Life Science Executive's Fundraising Manifesto discusses in depth the different pieces of marketing collateral you should be putting into the marketplace and how to develop everything from your logo to your pitch deck.

Join us next week for Chapter 7: " Building a Web Presence," where we take an even deeper dive into how best to use a website as a fundraising tool.

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