Life Science Nation Newsletter  | December 1,  2016  |  Issue 190

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Nov. 24  - Nov. 30)
Seeks Diagnostic & Data Opportunities
Seeks Medtech and Diagnostics, Software Component Preferred
Seeks Medtech for Home Care and Chronic Diseases
Invests in Digital Health, Informatics, and Therapeutics
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RESI Boston Investors Panel

RESI Partnering Opens Soon: Look Who You Can Meet
Lauren Schulkamp, Business Development Manager-RESI Conference Series, LSN

Partnering serves as the foundation of any successful investment conference. The RESI Partnering Platform, combined with the sheer quantity and diversity of investors attending RESI, provides you with a one-of-a-kind partnering experience. Below, you can view that breadth of investors who have registered to attend.

Next Monday (December 5th), RESI Partnering will launch.  RESI attendees can use the platform to find other attendees based on a specific areas of common interest: sector, subsector, indication, phase of development, investment stage, capital structure preference, etc. The RESI Partnering Platform also maintains investor profiles that are populated by LSN's propitiatory investor data. Through intensive research and one-on-one dialogues with the investors themselves, we are able to gather the most accurate, up-to-date investment preferences from the attending investors, providing you with the ultimate opportunity for powerful and effective dialogue...

Massachusetts Entrepreneur Visa Program Brings $185 Million in Investment
By Bill Brah, Assistant Vice Provost for Research and Executive Director, Venture Development Center

In March, we shared an introduction to the Global Entrepreneur in Residence (GEIR) Program at UMass Boston's Venture Development Center, which supports entrepreneurs in the life sciences and other sectors by providing H1B visas for founders. As GEIR has gained traction, LSN is excited to revisit GEIR to track its progress.

First report on how the program is working

With national startup visa legislation stymied in a bitterly divided Washington D. C., Massachusetts is showing that something constructive is possible. Two years ago, it created the Global Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program to retain foreign grads of local universities who are launching startup companies. The program was developed by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, and formed as a public-private partnership by Governors Deval Patrick (D) and Charlie Baker (R), working with members of the innovation community including Flybridge Capital Partners, Silicon Valley Bank and Goodwin Procter...

By Cole Bunn, Senior Research Analyst, LSN

As we are quickly approaching RESI@JPM, LSN is happy to announce the Diagnostic Investors panel. Entrepreneurs seeking to secure funding for their diagnostic technologies arguably have the toughest job of all the early-stage biotech/medtech folks, given the wide variety of diagnostic technologies and services along with a complex regulatory and reimbursement system.

Whether you are looking for guidance on how to court a venture investor or how to engage a strategic partner, you can hear from both on how to best prepare to present to and work with organizations like theirs.
Diagnostics panelists will include the following:
  • Nola Masterson, Managing Director, Science Futures (moderator)
  • Alexis Ji, Partner, Illumina Ventures
  • Denis Bronnikov, Global Licensing Director, Roche Diagnostics
  • James Stover, Vice President, Business Development, Aegis Sciences Corporation
  • John Steuart, Managing Director, Steuart Ventures