Life Science Nation Newsletter  | March 29,  2018  |  Issue 259

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Life Science Investor Mandates (Mar. 22 - Mar. 28 )
Initially Invests Up to $15M in Eary-Stage Therapeutics and Medical Device Companies
Seeks to Invest in First-In-Class Therapeutics Opportunities, with Strong Focus in Oncology
Invests & Provides Advisory Support to Medical and Surgical Devices and Healthcare IT Companies
Provides Seed Capital to Early-Stage Healthcare Technologies Applicable to Emerging Markets
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By Cole Bunn, Director of Research, LSN

We are excited to showcase the top 30 RESI Innovation Challenge startup applicants, who will be taking part in the poster presentation showcase at the third annual RESI conference held in Toronto, as a part of the Toronto Health Innovation Week. These handpicked companies represent the key sectors of the healthcare space including therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health, and were selected based on their scientific/technical merit and commercial viability.

The Innovation Challenge companies will compete for each attendee's RESI Cash tokens throughout the day, which serves as a vote of their potential. The top 3 companies will win additional RESI tickets to events of their choosing and a feature in the LSN newsletter (20,000 readership), giving them access to hundreds of additional investors and ultimately enhancing their likelihood of securing an investment. Make sure to visit the exhibition hall to meet the RESI innovators and "invest" in your favorites!

MedTech Device


Healthcare IT

By James Huang, Research Analyst, LSN

RESI endeavors to bring a diverse pool of investors to each of our events for early stage life science companies. Among them are venture philanthropic foundations whose profound expertise within their targeted disease areas makes them great resources for any entrepreneur looking to work within their areas of expertise. Additionally, venture philanthropic investors tend to focus on assets at an earlier stage than typical VCs, with the aim of helping new treatments traverse the infamous "Valley of Death."

LSN is pleased to announce a panel of five venture philanthropic investors for the upcoming RESI on MaRS this April 10th in Toronto. In this panel, these investors will explain their unique strategies and expertise, and entrepreneurs can learn how to find and work with a venture philanthropy investor in their domain. RESI attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from:
  • Kathryn Wortsman, Fund Manager, MaRS Catalyst Fund (Moderator)
  • Bill Werkmeister, Partner, ICIF Fund - National Foundation for Cancer Research
  • Michael Batten, Director, JDRF T1D Fund
  • Christopher de Souza, Director, Broadview Ventures
  • Ken LaMontagne, Vice President of Research, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)
By Claire Jeong, Research Analyst, LSN

The field of diagnostics can be a difficult space to navigate due to challenges in the regulatory and reimbursement processes that hinder successful commercialization. However, the implications of diagnostic technologies can be enormous; from precision genomics that enable optimum health management and personalized care to novel biomarkers that can successfully detect high mortality diseases in its earliest stages, diagnostics companies are developing some of the most highly disruptive technologies in the industry.  

In this session, we invite 5 investors with strong expertise in this diverse space to speak about their unique approaches in working with early-stage companies. Investors will discuss the types of investment opportunities they seek and share valuable insights on building long lasting relationships, differentiating your technology from similar competitors, and more. We hope you will be able to join us for the RESI Toronto Conference in the MaRS Innovation Center on April 10th to meet these awesome panelists! 

Moderated by Drew Taylor, Lead Medical Researcher, Epic Capital Management, the panel participants are:
  • Yiu-Lian Fong, Innovation Lead for Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson (Medical Devices)
  • Kelly Holman, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Genesys Capital
  • Yvan Côté, General Manager of Dynacare Next & Orchid PRO-DNA, Dynacare
  • Amine Benmoussa, Principal (Healthcare), BDC Healthcare Fund

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