The Stiletto Dialogue Returns!

Finding Your Voice...Setting It Free and Coming ALIVE!

It's well documented that the fear of public speaking is right up there with the fear of death and the dentist! Speaking up at all can be a challenge. This fear keeps many people from speaking up at meetings, offering to present at conferences, speaking your authentic truth and standing your ground on important matters. You can make the courageous choice to FIND your voice and come ALIVE.  

Join us on The Stiletto Dialogue with special guest Ellen Ornato from ConnectAnd Improv for an inspiring conversation about reclaiming your voice and YES, you can do it!

February 23rd
7:00pm EST - 8:00pm EST
(FREE Teleconference)

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Many times our culture focuses on only two outcomes, winning and losing.  We are taught from the time we were children that these two outcomes define a moment, a day, a year or even a life time.  Many of us are still lamenting over a moment when we lost or failed and it still carries the sting of failure as if it happened yesterday.  That moment does not serve to inspire us. It makes us insecure, shrink and to get caught in a shame storm.  It is time to put that moment in its rightful place, as a learning experience when we took a chance to be brave. Let's create opportunities for new moments that offer growth and the strength to weather the ups and downs of daring.  No one who is successful did so without falling. They all experienced the lab of life. 

Resilience means to persevere and be diligent in the face of setbacks.  It is a word that carries so much weight because it takes a piece of your heart to do it.   It requires that you push past the stories you made up about the incident and challenge them.  It requires that you continue to see the little beam of light at the end of a long tunnel.   The beautiful thing is that resilience is your key to moving forward and getting unstuck!  It is another way of seeing and feeling hope.   Hope has no limits and can create opportunities where none existed before.  Resilience leads to hope, hope leads to faith and faith leads to things we thought were impossible.  How do you move to resilient?   CLICK HERE
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