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REST Around the Nation 
highlights the latest developments taking place nationwide to create a trained respite workforce.

REST celebrates three years - Since the REST program rolled out its first national Train-the-Trainer event in Nashville, Tenn., the program has grown from 30 trainers to 231 trainers in 19 states.  Read more here .
Drop-off respite makes impact - Faith-based organizations in the Chicago area continue to provide breaks to caregivers.    Calvary Lutheran Church in Wood Dale and The Moody Church in Chicago have drop-off respite programs, run by REST-trained volunteers. 
REST Companion trainings continue  at the Ann Haskins Center in Bloomingdale this spring.  Click for additional information
Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program , in conjunction with the State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, will host a REST Train-the-Trainer event, May 10-11, at the University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension in Carson City.    Find more details .
Nevadans for the Common Good continues to provide REST Companion trainings through faith-based organizations.  The trainings are funded through the State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - Aging and Disability Services Division pilot program.
Respite funding available - the Alabama Lifespan Emergency Respite Program offers respite funding and resources to caregivers of children and adults with specials need or chronic/terminal illness.    For information on requirements and instructions, click here.  
A REST Train-the-Trainer event, conducted by Alabama's two REST Master Trainers, and partially funded by Alabama AARP , recently took place in Montgomery.  Those who completed the training can now offer REST Companion trainings to faith based communities, volunteer organizations and social service organizations.  This will lead to an increase in respite referral sources and respite care for caregivers across the state. 
Serving more caregivers - The University of Nebraska Medical Center's Munroe-Meyer Institute, and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, plan to increase REST Companion trainings in an effort to serve more caregivers.  Learn more here
REST trainer on local news - A REST trainer from the Central Nebraska Respite Network recently appeared on a local news program, explaining the importance of respite services.  See video here .  The Central Nebraska Respite Network continues to work toward its goal of increasing the number of respite providers available in the communities they serve.
The Arkansas Lifespan Respite Coalition continues to hold REST Companion trainings throughout the state with the goal of increasing the number of volunteer respite workers available to support caregivers.    Learn more here.  
Broward Children's Center  was recently awarded a grant-funded opportunity to partner with the Children's Services Council of Broward County.  Respite Director and REST Trainer Melissa McQuilkin was selected to become a member of the Children's Services Council Trainer Cadre.  The Special Needs Family Strengthening and Nurturing Parenting program in Broward County will benefit from this grant.  As part of the program, families are offered respite services and the opportunity to train loved ones and friends or neighbors to provide respite for their child through the REST program for free.  Through this partnership, Broward Children's Center plans to educate and train more than 100 REST Companions in Florida over the next two years.   Continue for additional information.

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater St. Louis held its first REST Companion training in January.  Those who completed the training can now volunteer at association events and provide respite care for caregivers of children and adults with Down syndrome.  To learn more, click here

Volunteer database to benefit caregivers - Through its federal Lifespan Respite Grant Project, Kansas is in the process of implementing a statewide Rewarding Work Resources database, of which REST Companions and other volunteers can enlist.  Respite leaders say the database can positively impact caregivers, especially those living in rural areas.  Read more here  .
The Tennessee Respite Coalition urges residents to contact their representatives to co-sponsor the Lifespan Respite Reauthorization Act.  Find information needed to make the call here.

The Coalition will hold an event on April 26 in Nashville to raise awareness and funds for family caregivers living in Tennessee.    See additional information .
Respite summit to take place - The Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Coalition will hold a Massachusetts State Respite Summit in June. The summit will work toward strengthening state and community partnerships to sustain Lifespan Respite activities.    Learn more .
The Massachusetts Lifespan Respite Coalition and National MS Society, Greater New England Chapter, Held a "Respite 101" course last October.    Information about other events here.  
Six representatives from Kentucky's Area Agencies on Aging attended a REST Train-the-Trainer event, hosted by the Bluegrass Area Agency on Aging last October.   

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