St. Bernadette Parish
Retreat Is In Progress.

So, what happens
when it's over?
...It's Your Turn to Bring It Home!!!

Some Followup Questions for Parents of Candidates (maybe for the ride home, or over dinner)
Which of the three dimensions of spirituality (vertical, horizontal, internal; in other words, love of God, neighbor, and self) do you gravitate toward the most? Which one is most outside your comfort zone? Why?

  • Learn about the cruciform dimensions of spirituality on pages 11 & 12 of the Retreat Packet.
What is your relationship with Jesus like right now?

  • Pro-tip: Use the image of the swimming pool on page 7 of the Retreat Packet to talk about your relationship with God and the Church.
What gifts does your child have? How might God be calling him or her to use them, especially during this time of preparation and beyond?

Notice a theme? I would encourage you, parents, to walk through the Retreat Packet yourselves, and share with your candidate what strikes you as most interesting, helpful, challenging, etc. You may be surprised what you'll learn!
What's Next in Confirmation Preparation?

As I mentioned to those who were with us in person at the parish for Mass last night, we are finalizing plans for both Confirmation prep and middle/high school faith formation, and have received some important guidance from the Archdiocese just in the past 48 hours that enables us to move forward safely.

What I can tell you now is:
We will begin in early October!
Calendar & logistical details will be available this coming week, God willing!
I still have space for adult volunteers, both in person and virtual!

If you haven't yet registered for High School Faith Formation (required for public school students, and encouraged for Catholic school students), please do so today.

Registration for Faith Formation is available on the website:

You can always send a check for payment to:
801 Stevenson Road, Severn, MD 21144

Checks should be made payable to "St. Bernadette Parish" and should include the child's/children's name(s) & program(s) in the memo line.

Online payment portal for Confirmation ($150) is now live:

Those also paying for Faith Formation can access
online payment for that program ($50 per child) here:

Or you can use Venmo: @STB801

Donations to help cover the cost for those unable to pay, or to allow us to spring for resources or technology we might otherwise forgo, are also always welcome. Interested? Let's talk!
Keep praying for us as our retreat progresses; I will be praying for you as enter into the week helping your child unpack and apply their retreat experience!

Come, Holy Spirit!

Ms. Rena