Declan Carolan, ECR Ireland

Announced were details of upcoming ECR Ireland events included in the "ECR Ireland Update" ...
  1. Digital Path to Purchase Quarterly Webinars
  2. ECR Shopper Workshops
  3. ECR Sustainability Action Group Webinars
  4. ECR Shopper Conference & Awards - Thursday 28 September
  5. Schedule for Monthly ECR Shopper Insights Webinars 2023

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Careful when using Calendar to insert the Monthly Shopper Insights dates!
  1. Ensure the time is 09.00 to 10.15.
  2. Ensure every “last” Wednesday rather than every “4th” Wednesday is selected.
  3. No Webinar in July or December
  4. Double check the calendar dates match with the Schedule above.
Paul Kennedy, Client Lead, Ireland, SymphonyAI

Inflation: Driving Shopper Segment Migration

  • The scale of migration into the "most price driven" continues.
  • Inflation impact has been building through 2022
  • Shoppers have reacted over time and this is now reflected in their segment allocation
  • Quality driven shoppers have more "head room" to down grade
  • Sales from the most valuable customers is declining faster as a result.
  • Limits to price increases have been breached, even among quality driven shoppers.
  • Short Term -
  • Inflation likely to persist through H1 2023
  • Expectation that migration from quality to price will continue.
  • Long Term -
  • Depending on external factors
  • Risk that new price driven behaviours are entrenched.
Joe Connolly, Consumer Insight Director, Kantar

Update on how shoppers are coping with inflation

3 ways shoppers are managing inflation
  1. Buy little & often. Frequency up 5.2%. Packs per trip down 11.6%. Basket mission increasing in importance.
  2. Increased use of vouchers as promotions are down. On Average - 36% of Trips used a coupon in the most recent 12 weeks. 40% of Buyers said they now always use a voucher when buying F&D.
  3. Increased purchase of Private Label both value and packs share YoY.
Andrew Johnston, Ireland Country Manager & Client Service Director UK, Advantage Group

How do Retailers and Wholesalers evaluate Manufacturer capability on Category Management and Shopper Marketing 

  • Andrew delivered the retailer view of manufacturers capabilities for CatMan, Shopper Marketing and influence using UK as a benchmark revealing many very interesting insights.
  • There is a spread of manufacturer capability when it comes to “Support for Shopper Marketing” 
  • Shopper Marketing can be a positive vehicle for “Differentiation” and strategic engagement
  • Category Management is a competitive capability for manufacturers with “Driving Category Growth & Objectivity” a market strength; “Optimising Range” and “Innovation” are opportunities.
  • It is very interesting that there is a correlation between a company's expertise in CatMan and overall company performance!