March 2018
A Very Warm Welcome to Your Newsletter
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Huge Apologies - Formatting!

Please accept my apologies as the formatting of the Newsletter I've just sent out appears scrambled when viewed from a mobile phone.
I have started from scratch with the same content and am hoping that this time the email behaves, whichever device you are reading it from - fingers crossed!
Ironic for this to happen when this month's topic is PERFECTIONISM!

Newsletter Officer's Intro

I hope you've all survived the recent snow and ice.
This month's newsletter is packed with information about fellowship, personal experience, strength and hope; and hints and tips about reaching out to the wider fellowship; as well as ensuring your groups remain healthy and legal!
Plus I couldn't resist sharing a little about that dreaded Perfectionist Beast ...

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Be Perfect or Face Rejection...

Linda shares about how her perfectionism caused her to judge herself and those around her:

"I came to OA at a desperate time in my life. I was completely gripped by controlling every single calorie I put in my mouth, and unable to find any balance around my food choices."
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WhatsApp Meetings

Fancy connecting into worldwide meetings via WhatsApp?

Region 9 have set up two WhatsApp meetings giving you the chance to share your experience around the globe.

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Gratitude in Action

Service Bodies across OA have fantastic initiatives in the pipeline to reach out to the still suffering compulsive eater, however, the fulfilment of these plans relies on volunteers and funds.

The Chair of OA's Board of Trustees asks that "every meeting mentions the need to be self-supporting and that the meeting contributes to every level of OA as funds are available", reminding us that this is a way of expressing gratitude for OA.

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Heart of England Convention

'Wreckage of the Past' - Steps 7, 8 and 9

Why not treat yourself to a weekend away with fellow OAs at the Hilton Metropole Hotel from

Friday 13th - Sunday 15th July
Convention Flyer
Ilkley Retreat

THERE IS A SOLUTION - practical fixes to everyday problems.

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd April

Ilkley, West Yorkshire

I'm Not a Perfectionist!

Sheila explains the extent to which she 'isn't' a perfectionism and how this has impacted on her every day life:

"I'm not a perfectionist. Seriously, honestly, no, I'm not. I wish I were! You need to be, for my job, for my house, for my voluntary service, in OA and elsewhere."
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Abstinence - The Most Important Thing in My Life

An OA member shares her experience, strength and hope:
"I walked into OA 6.5 years ago. I was desperate to get a grip on my overeating. My life was completely unmanageable; my thoughts were complicated, fearful and self-centred."
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Join Us!

Why not join us at the South and South East England Intergroup on:

Saturday 5th May at 2pm-5pm

at The Boardroom, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

It sounds daunting, but we're a friendly bunch!

New Meeting - Borehamwood

New Meeting starting at Borehamwood on:

Sunday 15th April

from 5-6pm
Save the Date!

The Region 9 Assembly is being held
in the UK!

This is an incredible opportunity to meet with OAs from around the globe.

26th - 28th September - Region 9 Business
28th - 30th September - Convention

**Important Information!
Data Protection Compliance**

The law is changing around the personal data we hold, how we store it and what to do when the data is no longer needed. This includes items such as the 'We Care' book. 

All OA groups need to be compliant by 25th May 2018.

What does our OA Board do?

Our OA GB board works tirelessly for our fellowship. If you would like to know more about what they get up to, you can read the minutes from their January meeting.

If you want to get involved, a spare pair of hands is always welcome!

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Oxted Group Needs Your Support!

The Oxted group meets on:

Wednesdays at 7.45pm

United Reform Church in Bluehouse Lane, Oxted, RH8 0AA

Please reach out and join them if you can.

I would Love to Hear From You!

Let your creativity run wild! Please share your recovery and send me:


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