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JUNE 2017 - Issue 33
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Dear Councils:
It seems as though the elections of 2016 just happened and so it's hard to believe that once again we are thinking about voting and the right to participate in all aspects of community life. It is important that all people, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, be fully able to participate. Over the years, many Councils on Developmental Disabilities have done tremendous work in providing information and resources to help individuals with DD know and understand their rights in the voting process. Additionally, family members, caregivers and others in the community need to be educated as well. We encourage you to keep up with this great work and share it with us to be posted on www.onevotenow.org , NACDD's one-stop shop for all information related to elections and voting. NACDD created this site with other partners including the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), and others joined in such as the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), American Association for People with Disabilities (AAPD), and RespectAbility.  

Many DD Councils are joining with REV UP (part of AAPD) in the state to get out information about voting. We encourage that partnership and hope more will join. The week of July 17-21 is National Disability Voter Registration Week! We hope that you will join us is messaging to your networks about this important opportunity for people with disabilities to sign up to be counted! Several states have gubernatorial races in the next few months, some special elections for Congress and of course, mid-term congressional elections are not that far away.
Join us in making sure every vote counts and that every person with disabilities is ready to take their part in the process.
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Budget Updates and the ACA 

On Tuesday, May 23, 2017, President Trump released his full budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018. The full budget contains a number of significant changes and cuts to programs that assist and provide services to people with developmental disabilities, including the DD Councils to pay for the $54 billion increase in defense spending. NACDD released the following statement in regards to the budget http://nacdd.org/nacdd-statement-on-presidents-proposed-budget-for-fiscal-year-2018. The budget is a blueprint, but in times of uncertainty, we are working diligently to educate and inform policymakers on the impact of the proposal as they examine how to fund the federal government in Fiscal Year 2018. Thank you to all of the DD Councils, who have reached out and educated Members about the critical work that you do in the states and territories. NACDD is here to help with educating policymakers, please do not hesitate to contact Cindy to discuss your efforts. NACDD will continue to keep the network updated on these important developments. If your DD Council would like to share their Impact Stories or other materials, please send the content to Robin Troutman or Jessica Misilo.
Congress continues to move forward with proposals to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. On May 4, 2017, the American Healthcare Act was passed by the House of Representatives by a vote of 217-213. The Senate is currently debating how it will move forward the plan to repeal and replace the ACA. The Senate is trying to find the votes to pass their version of the bill before the July 4th recess. Given they are using a process called budget reconciliation, the Senate only needs 50 votes for the bill to pass. The repeal and replacement of the ACA is being paid for by structural and funding changes to the Medicaid program. This is the time to contact senators, and educate them about the importance of the Medicaid program to ensuring access to education, employment, healthcare, and the life in the community for persons with developmental disabilities. 

NEW Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural and Linguistic Competence (DICLC) Page
Links to the DICLC webinar series and select resources, now have a new page on the ITACChelp.org website. Just click on the FIELD NOTES & OTHER RESOURCES button from the home page and scroll to DICLC.

Association of Maternal & Child Health
For a new report that explores how state agencies dedicated to serving children and youth with special health care needs carry out their mission and how their leaders believe they can improve their work, visit National Title V Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Program Profile

Employment Trends, Research and More...
The next nTIDE Lunch & Learn Webinar will take place on Friday, July 7, 2017 at 12 noon EST. Learn more about the June Jobs Report and how it fits into longer term employment trends, hear about programs and research across the country addressing employment and disability, and listen to experts in the field. To register, visit
nTIDE Webinar Series

New Information
Commissioner appointed

Melissa Ortiz ~ Commissioner, Administration on Disabilities

Melissa Ortiz was appointed by President Trump to serve as Commissioner of the Administration on Disabilities on June 12, 2017.  Melissa describes herself as a compassionate conservative who is enthusiastic about working with both sides of the aisle on behalf of Americans with disabilities. Throughout her life, she has been an active advocate for people with disabilities, working to ensure people with disabilities have the opportunity to fully participate in society. She is particularly passionate about improving employment opportunities and eliminating barriers - such as a lack of accessible public transportation - that can prevent people with disabilities from being able to work. 

Since earning a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and broadcast communications in 1989, her career has included teaching in the Tennessee public school system and a variety of roles in government and politics. In 2011, she founded Able Americans, and through that organization has worked as a consultant on disability issues. 

A native southerner who has spent periods of her life in Atlanta, Nashville, Jerusalem, and New York City, Melissa now lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband Tony and her service dog, a dachshund named Annie Oakley.
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Resources & Opportunities to support DICLC in all aspects
of DD Council Work

Planning a meeting or conference
The National Center for Cultural Competence has a Planner's Guide for  Infusing Principles, Content and Themes Related to Cultural and Linguistic Competence into Meetings and Conferences, see the NCCC Planner's Guide.
The materials and content contained on the National Center for Cultural Competence's website are copyrighted and are protected by Georgetown University's copyright policies.
Friendly Reminder!
State plan amendments and Tier 2 review updates are due no later than August 15, 2017 . Please contact Sara Newell-Perez for access to your state plans in the ACL Reporting System.

NACDD 2017 Annual Conference
A Quality Life: Count Me In!  July 11-14
It's not too late to register for NACDD's 2017 Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  To register, visit  EVENTBRITE Have you already registered and are still deciding what else to do? 

The Hotel RL is now currently sold out for the week. If you still need to reserve a room, please contact Robin Troutman at rtroutman@nacdd.org  
by JUNE 14th.

ITACC Technical Assistance Institute
"R.A.D. Reporting, Advocacy & Diversity" July 11-12  
Join ITACC staff, AIDD, self-advocate leaders, guest speakers and DD Council panelists to learn more about reporting requirements, what's working in self-advocacy and diversity, inclusion and cultural and linguistic competence.

Visit the  ITACC WEBSITE to view the full TAI Agenda. Be sure to register for the TAI by using the NACDD registration link above. Although the TAI is a free event, everyone MUST register. Hope to see you there!!

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To reach NACDD/ITACC staff, please feel free to contact:

Sheryl Matney
Director of Technical Assistance 
202-506-5813 ext. 148 

Angela Castillo-Epps
Technical Assistance Specialist
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