Please disregard the version of the Sixteenth Notes sent to you yesterday. Several revisions were made, including a correction to the date of the Diversity & Inclusion class. (November 21st, not 19th.)

Next Grow From the Inside Session

When: Saturday, November 21, 10:00 am– 11:30 am. Click Here to register.

Topic: Diversity & Inclusion – How to Utilize the New
D & I Toolkit

Faculty: Thèrése Antonini
Faculty Bio: Thèrése Antonini has been a Sweet Adeline for 26 years and currently serves on the Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors as President Elect. She is also member of North Metro Chorus. Thèrése is the head of the Diversity Task Force for Sweet Adelines and she and her team have created a ‘tool kit’ to provide members short and long-term tools to support diverse and inclusive membership in Sweet Adelines International. This kit will provide methods to increase individual education and awareness, including self-assessment, group activities, and cultural development and outreach ideas. Thèrése is a gifted communicator and has an amazing ability to deliver information and instruction with such ease and effectiveness. Come listen and learn about the tools that are available to us to allow better inclusiveness, empathy and fairness within our organization and our lives.

As you can tell, this class is very important for our Directors and chorus leaders to attend, as well as offering a comprehensive understanding to all Region 16 members.

Quartet Webinar Day

January 16, 2021 - FREE to all Region 16 members.
This event will be addressing topics, skills and ideas for quartets to implement in their rehearsals, but please know that all Region 16 and Emeritus members are invited to this free, all-day educational event featuring International Faculty: Caitlin Castilino, Baritone of LoveNotes Quartet and Director of Diablo Vista Chorus. Click Here for the schedule of classes. Click Here to register. Sign up today!

Director Certification Program

Just a reminder if you would like to sign up to complete a module, please reach out to Joan Borden at Set a goal to get one step closer to completing your certification this winter.

Virtual Music School

Thank you to those who participated in last month’s virtual Fall Music School. We would never have been able to host four International faculty at one in-person event. The information they delivered was motivational, educational and inspiring. Unfortunately, we were unable to record the sessions, but we do have some great information available on the Regional website for your reference.

To see some of the materials provided by the International faculty and also our Region 16 award winners, Click Here.

Thank you to Erin Howden, Dale Syverson, Corinna Garriock and Caitlin Castelino for your participation and making it a success!

Stay safe everyone,
Susann McKinley, RMT Education Coordinator

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All members have likely already heard about the upcoming competition rule changes. This current 'down-time' is an opportunity for us all to become more familiar with the changes.

Directors and Competing Quartets: In case you missed Paula Davis' very informative presentation at the recent Sweet Adelines Vitual International Convention, it's important to:

  • Watch Paula's video:  Click here 
  • Review the rule change hand-out from Paula that recaps the changes and also contains links to the associated Judging Category Description Book page revisions:  Click here
  • Check your competition songs in the Song Evaluation Database: Click here
  • Use the Song Assessment Tool if a song you are interested in competing with is not yet listed as a "Yes" in this database. 

Get a head start by doing your research now.  Click here for the web page on which the tool info and instructions appear. Questions on the Tool can be directed to:

Team Leaders/Presidents:  Please remember the previously announced Team Leader/President meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 14th @ 10.00 AM.  If you are unable to attend, please ensure another Management Team/BOD member represents your chorus. A follow-up email with more information will be forthcoming but, since one of the agenda items will be a financial discussion, we are also inviting all chorus Finance Coordinators/Treasurers to this November meeting.

Finance Coordinators/Treasurers: We are inviting you to join us for this month’s meeting as you have an important perspective. Please save the date. Colleen O'Dwyer, Regional Finance Coordinator will join us as well.

 Sue Melvin, Region 16 RMT Team Coordinator
Christine Yorke, Region 16 RMT Membership Coordinator

Click here to read highlights of the recent Sweet Adelines International Board of Directors mid-year meeting.

My heart goes out to all teachers who are teaching remotely these days. They are forced to find ways to motivate their students who are sitting in front of a computer screen, rather than the face-to-face connection in a classroom… and for all who are sitting in front of a computer working from home every day who then find it difficult to want to sit again in front of a screen to attend a Zoom singing rehearsal. Let’s remember the JOY we felt when we met with our barbershop family every week to share friendship and song. Somehow we have to dig deep to PRETEND that feeling. If we do that often enough, it does become real again when we meet on Zoom.

Recently at the Fall Music School, there were many sparks for re-energized singing from all four of our International Faculty presenters. Our very own Erin Howden shared lots of ways to stretch ourselves (and not just our COVID-19 waist bands!). One specific reminder from Dale Syverson was “The breath is not a REWARD for the phrase completed but a PROPULSION to the next thought.” Many of us don’t give two hoots about where we breathe when we are on a Zoom rehearsal, let alone how we breathe! But maybe that is one nugget to take with you this week.

Another nugget and reminder that I loved was from Caitlin Castelino, Speech Pathologist, Master Director of Diablo Fiesta Chorus and baritone of International Quartet Champions. LoveNotes. She gave some detail about nasal singing that we could think of when we are singing alone at home. Allowing sound through the nose is ONLY for humming and vowel sounds of M, N and NG. All other sounds, including vowel sounds and singable consonants should come through the mouth. When you pinch and unpinch your nose on any vowel sound, there should be no difference in the sound. Nasal vowels may feel good from the inside because it may sound louder to you, but that is not the path to choose. In the past that nasality was rewarded… do you remember hearing it on the quartet stage? Much more is understood about resonance now.

Those few reminders from that wonderful day of teaching are my nugget gifts to you today. Pretend the joy, then feel the joy!!

Paula Allen
Region 16 Quartet Coordinator

After almost eight months of being unable to sing together, we just want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for being patient with us as we work through this huge technological learning curve...most of us, that is!

Thank you for showing up each week for rehearsal…often with a happy smile!

Thank you for learning how to log in to Zoom meetings…sometimes 4 or 5 times a night.

Thank you for dancing with abandon for visual warm ups…even when you family thinks you have lost it!

Thank you for remembering to mute yourself when you are singing…or talking with your family…or answering the phone…most of the time!

Thank you for contributing to virtual performances by patiently recording yourself over and over and over and over again.

Thank you for dressing up for theme nightswell, at least the top half of your body.

Thank you for creating fun activities and games and new ways for us to stay connected with each other.

Thank you for trusting that we will emerge from this new reality as more confident, more connected and more skilled chorus members.

Thank you for being Sweet Adelines strong!

With love, from your chorus Directors.

RMT Directors' Coordinator


I am having a great time visiting with choruses and getting to know some of our YWIH members. I have gained wonderful insight and received a lot of interest in bringing barbershop to the youth in your area.

If I haven’t popped into your chorus rehearsal yet, please contact me at and we can get that set up.  I look forward to seeing everyone!

I would love to encourage all choruses to appoint a YWIH Coordinator at the chorus level. This is a wonderful opportunity to help promote Young Women In Harmony within your communities.  

Alana Regular
Region 16 YWIH Coordinator
A little bird told me that the more you 'LIKE' Region 16 FB, Tweets and Instagrams, the more our website is shared. That means the more we can promote our wonderful Region, choruses and quartets. So go ahead.....LIKE us!

Don't forget to tag us @SAIRegion16 or use the hashtag #SAIRegion16

Do you have a burning question? Is there someone on our RMT who can offer you guidance or answer that burning question? So simple! Just click on the Ask Us square and we will direct your question to the appropriate RMT member, and voila your question will be answered. Not magic....just simple. We want to support you so go ahead and click the box.

The Regional Management Team is looking for someone to help us with miscellaneous technology tasks. This is a great opportunity to share your tech-savvy skills* to benefit Region 16 and its members. Your assistance may be as a technical assistant or RMT Associate (Regional Management Team trainee) – Options are open for discussion. 

*Some competency examples:
·       Comfortable with Microsoft Office suite of applications
·       Facebook-savvy
·       Willingness and aptitude to learn/be trained in other technology (e.g. Google Forms/Surveys, Cloud archive/content management, etc.)

Sue Melvin, Region 16 RMT Team Coordinator, would love to chat with you about this.  Contact her at or (585) 259-3094 with questions or to apply.
Acapella North
This month our chorus has been focusing on breath; how to breathe, where to breathe, and how it influences our performance. Every week, our Director, Donna Kleist, has provided us with educational PowerPoint presentations and videos regarding breathing, as well as weekly personal goals for our breathing practice. We have worked on the basics such as inhalation and exhalation form, as well as connecting this breath support to sound. We have strived to then practice these techniques in our own songs and taken the time to determine the locations of chorus and personal breaths in the songs we are working on. 

Acappella North is currently working to update some of our chorus documents such as our Standing Rules and Handbook, with all members encouraged to join the meetings.

It has been a holiday tradition for our chorus to perform at all the nursing homes in our area, so we are working to produce a virtual singing Christmas card in the hopes of continuing the tradition virtually this year. 

Laura Kleist
Canadian Showtime Chorus
To kick off the cooler climes of Fall, our money making team extraordinaire, Christine and Liz, once again ran a successful campaign to provide us with our winter stores of tasty food - a win win for all involved. 
 Pictured l to r: Liz Gibbs, Christine Dunn and Belinda Boekoven
Our Janet Cadman had the distinction of being awarded Region 16's Leadership Award at this year’s Music School held October 17th, and before that, in a surprise ceremony led by Diane Seaward and Sue Heighway at our CSC rehearsal. In CSC, Janet is one of our fabulous Assistant Directors, baritone section leader, member of the Fearless Leader group, and more - and if that isn't enough, she’s also the Director of our sister chorus, Bytown Beat. CONGRATULATIONS Janet!
Janet Cadman receives Region 16’s Leadership Award
While the chorus could not gather in person over the summer and Fall months due to COVID-19 restrictions, some singers decided to gather in small socially-distanced groups of their own!  

The Back Yard Singers started with a weekly quartet meeting, and expanded every second week to include 8 to 10 singers altogether, frequenting local parks, backyards and one member's cottage.
Back Yard Singers at Kanata’s Walter Baker Park Band Pavillion

The Sweet Southern Sensations (5 or 6 singers) formed a little later - their name emanates from the location of the singers (Ottawa South) and the tasty treats one of their member's brings to each of their gatherings.

Picture: Sweet Southern Sensations sing themselves 'horse!".

Below are some comments from our members following these social get-togethers.
I am so glad I decided to do these social distancing practice sessions. It has been a life saver.”

“It gave me a little hope for our "singing future", whatever that may be!”

”Encouraged me to go home and learn FOR each other.”

“...refreshing to see and talk to other people! Even if distant. Also let me hear myself singing so I am more aware of what I didn’t know as well as I thought.”
We recently launched our newest endeavor - our virtual holiday chorus - where participants received four new songs to learn, one of which will be used to make a virtual holiday greeting card.

“Come One Come All” we said, and boy did they come! With over 50 singers signing up to join our ranks for six weeks - from as near as Ottawa, to as far as Australia and the Philippines. This has been a great joy and boost to our ranks and morale.

In Harmony,
Nicole Wieczorek
North Metro Chorus
Why do we do what we do as members of our individual choruses around the world? Erin reminded us recently as we viewed an interview of a SAI member who had seen North Metro perform its original Newsies package in 1996. She remembered she had seen us disembark the buses at the convention center and gasped that there were no sequins or high heals in sight. However, our performance moved her deeply and, we quote: "I don't remember where you placed in that competition but your performance changed my life in this organization". THIS is why we do what we do. We all sing to touch the hearts of our audiences. By singing our lyrics, our story with heartfelt passion, we connect with our listeners, engage them, spread harmony, and touch lives. How powerful is that! In these unsettled times, the spirit of this re-awakens our purpose.

Our virtual rehearsals continue to change, continue to grow richly offering fun, diversity, education, pride, fellowship, value, and warm fuzzy trips down memory lane. There is just so much goodness and excellence as Erin innovatively explores and we experience the many merits of virtual rehearsals that keep our tightly woven group united in music and friendship. Thank you Erin for your remarkable work ethic and creativity which are central to our ongoing success and sisterhood.

Virtual Rehearsals are opportunities for members to grow and demonstrate their singing and non-singing skills. Members of Luxe quartet with all their musical talents, taught us a new tag via a taped version of them singing their individuals part separately, and then all together. So much fun! Glisten gave a very impressive and valuable slide presentation on core values and what they meant to their quartet. These focused on holding value for each other, setting and achieving g goals, and being truthful and transparent for the ultimate success of the quartet. Messages to live by! There is no end to these ladies' talents, thank you so much for sharing them with us.

We have two new members, actually returning members to North Metro. Welcome back:
Claire McMartin and Jamie Hinton.

Jacqui Barron

Claire McMartin
Jamie Dann
Eastside Harmony Chorus

We started the Fall with a physically distanced in-person get together in Pam’s huge and beautiful backyard. Thanks, Pam!

We honored our Sweet Adeline of the year from 2019-2020, Myrna Hilliard, and handed out a number of longevity awards. Sue Trauzzi-VanTienen, Myrna Hilliard and Susan Boissonneault all celebrated 10 years as a Sweet Adeline, while Selena Novak celebrated her 5-year anniversary. Congratulations to all.
Our Fall project for this year is actually a Christmas project as well. Since we can’t sing in person, Eastside is working on a Virtual Choir performance for the Town of Ajax. The town is holding a virtual holiday event and Eastside is proud to be part of it. It has been so much fun refreshing our Christmas songs and singing them, even though it seems like it is only for the camera! We’re sure the finished product is going to be something of which to be very proud.

In the meantime, as many of us who can manage it are attending as many Regional and International virtual events as we can. Region 16 Fall Music School was excellent and we thank everyone in the Region who organized and spoke at it. We are so thankful to be in such a supportive and loving Region!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, in spite of these “unprecedented times”. We really do have things to be thankful for.

See you all on Zoom!
Susan Boissonneault
Orangeville Show Chorus
Orangeville Show Chorus has been inviting prospective members to come to our Zoom rehearsals for the past few weeks. We have had 7 gals joins us from in town, the surrounding area and as far away as the Bahamas! They hope to take part in our Virtual Christmas Show…more details on that later…and in the meantime have enjoyed learning the ‘barbershop basics’ and getting to know the chorus. In these unprecedented times, it is wonderful to be able to reach women ‘in all corners of the world’ and share this wonderful hobby – something impossible to do without the technology of Zoom! Our ‘sisters’ at Harmony North Chorus are also joining our Zoom rehearsals to be part of our Christmas production. Stay tuned!
Many of our chorus members enjoyed the recent Region 16 Virtual Music School and huge kudos to the Region for organizing such a great event. We benefited from the exceptional expertise of the presenters; we reconnected with old and new friends, and we were refreshed to know that nothing can keep us away from the camaraderie, the education and the music. WE ARE SWEET ADELINES! The special treat was seeing our own Joan Borden recognized as our ‘Sweet Adeline of the Year’…so well deserved.

We also enjoyed the ‘International Virtual Contest’ and were treated to many performances of past Quartet and Chorus Champs…some from our own Region!

As we head into the Fall season we know that we will continue to meet challenges, continue to feel the pangs of physical separation from our chorus sisters, and continue to be frustrated trying to ‘sing on Zoom’. But with the Herculean efforts and support of our Region and International organizations, the unconditional love and support of our Director Joan, and the never ending work of our administrative leaders, Orangeville Show Chorus will make it through and keep on keeping on to not only ‘Harmonize the World’…but to make the world a better place.

Anne Richardson, Orangeville Show Chorus.
Circle of Harmony Chorus
At Circle of Harmony, our Sweet Adeline of the Year award tends to happen in the late spring after Regionals. Like many others, with the switch to Zoom rehearsals plus everything else going on in the world, we rather let this slide. Which doesn’t mean it’s not important – service to our chorus is a vital part of our success.

In September, we got caught up and held our nominations for Sweet Adeline of the Year. Nine amazing women were nominated:
We are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, our SAOTY is Christine Yorke! Here’s just one part of her nomination:

I would like to nominate Christine Yorke for Sweet Adeline of the Year. Can you say Zoom? During the Zoom era, she has been keeping us technically together. She starts the sessions early so we can chat and ask questions. She is the tenor section leader and keeps us updated on the changes in our songs. As well as working, she is Region 16's RMT Membership Coordinator. Her pleasant demeanor keeps us uplifted as we go through these trying times. Christine is well deserving of this award.”

Here are the pictures of this year's nominees, Donna Chaput, Heather Corke, JJ Piccolotto, Karen Packer, Lisa Cooper, Lisa Michaels, Sabine Findlay, and Scully Zeng.
Congrats to Christine and to all the SAOTY nominees and winners across our wonderful Region 16.
Lisa Michaels
The Heartland Singers

Rehearsals From Afar  
Another COVID week goes by
the end we cannot see
I want so much to sing again
to ring out loud with glee!

All my friends are sitting there
within their little square
I'm singing by myself again
though not for sure with flare
So lucky that we have this way
thank goodness for our Zoom
We'll get to know our riser mates
within the Breakout room

Lots of warmups Hannah tries
to keep our voice in timbre
Anna finds creative ways
to keep our bodies limber
Leila plans the sing-along
to keep our interests piqued
Glad to know the mute is on
for all those times I squeaked

And all those special guests we've had
so spritely popping by
With all their wisdom and their fun
just like a Samurai
Parking lot's the place to meet
for puzzles and for books
Distancing and masks in place
for fashionable looks

Gather up some food to share
to help in absentia
Of our bingo Sunday stints
all thanks to Dorothea!
Yes, we've found a way
to stay together joyously
Still my heart just longs to hear
four parts in Harmony
Stay healthy. 
Jacqui De Frederico 
York Harmony Chorus
We at YHC have been keeping busy zooming, learning and planning!

We had a wonderful rehearsal evening with the incredible certified Expression coach and judge, Marcia Pinvidic from Region #26. We gained some fantastic insight to perfect our storytelling expressions, especially with our beautiful ballad.
To kick off this month, we were treated to a weekend session with the iconic and talented Britt-Helene Bonnedahl, retired Director of the famous Rönninge Show Chorus in Sweden! We took a deep dive into her impressive “breathology” class. Many thanks for teaching us how to breath better and giving us tips on how to be better mentally prepared for our performances.
Mid-month, we were virtually visited by the amazing TITANIUM! The Titanium Quartet represents SAI and Heart of America Region #25. Thanks to Connie, Melody, Holly and Lindsay for coming to our rehearsal. We all showed up wearing our make-shift bangs to show our support for their final's package last year: Insta Bangs! We had a wonderful Q&A session, then divided into sections to ask about their experience, tips, stories and workflow. Learning and laughter prevailed!
We would also like to highlight that we will be hosting an “online” open house evening in the coming weeks. Now more then ever it’s good to engage with like-minded people who enjoy singing barbershop. Details will be coming soon.

Keep safe and keep on singing!
Kelly Nesbitt