REVISED March 1, 2019
Cherokee Heights Chatter
Principal's Message

We have had many exciting projects happening behind the scenes at Cherokee Heights that you should be sure to ask your child about in celebration of #schoolgoals! #schoolgoals is a school-wide positive behavior goal setting project that was developed by our own School Based Leadership Team, to support our February Social-Emotional Learning standard, "I am a life-long learner".

To launch the celebration of #schoolgoals, February kicked off with grade level assemblies to celebrate academic achievement and attendance. Students were recognized and received certificates for Honor Roll (3.5 GPA or higher), On-a-Roll (students who increased their GPA .5 or higher from Quarter 1), as well as for perfect attendance.

That week, students also learned about goal setting and began to think about their own goal, be it academic, personal, social-emotional, or otherwise. From there. students engaged in a circle of power and respect, led by our student Circle Keepers. Students soon learned there would be a way for them to publicly announce their goal through artistic representation through a #schoolgoals T-shirt project. The purpose of this project is to reinforce goal-setting with students by allowing them to design and create a T-shirt with their personal goal advertised. Students and staff are able to sign the shirts, and we will all be wearing them this coming Tuesday, March 5th, to show them off and capture signatures of support from peers and staff. This activity serves to reinforce the importance of having goals, declaring them publicly, and staying focused and committed to meeting and succeeding them!

In addition, there has been a double-elimination all school tug-of-war contest going on among homerooms for the past several weeks. Each day a few homerooms compete, and we are whittling the classes down to two teams for a championship tug. On Thursday, March 14, the winning student group with have a tug-of-war pull-off against the CHMS staff! Can't wait to see who wins!!


Dr. Chaja-Clardy
Check it Out!

Ms. Plonsky’s MSCR Girl’s Group cooking class reaped the benefit of our school partnerships with Westminster Presbyterian Church and the Food for Thought Initiative, who provided all the food and materials for cooking homemade meals. The girls got to take all the kitchen equipment home to keep with their dinner meal all prepped for their families that night, including brand new Crock-Pots, cutting boards, kitchen utensils, and more. All foods featured are available in our food pantry for any CHMS family to access! Extra special thanks to Beth Bookland from Food for Thought, Pamela Wison from Westminster Presbyterian, the MSCR inclusion specialists, and Ms. Plonsky and Ms. Jensen for organizing and hosting this fantastic event!  

Important Events and Dates

Important March Dates:
Mar. 1 - No School for Students - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Mar. 4 - Early release day for students, 1:47 Dismissal
Mar. 5 - Free Spanish Class, 6-8pm in Room 131
Mar. 6 - CHMS Restaurant Night at Liliana's in Fitchburg 4-8pm
Mar. 8 - 8th Grade Field Trip to Discovery Center in Milwaukee, ITA Applications DUE
Mar. 11 - Early release day for students, 1:47 Dismissal, PEOPLE Program Applications DUE
Mar. 12 - Free Spanish Class, 6-8pm in Room 131
Mar. 15 - 7th Grade Field Trip to Overture Center
Mar. 18 - Regular School Day (Formerly a Staff Only Day) 2:47 Dismissal
Mar. 19 - Free Spanish Class, 6-8pm in Room 131
Mar. 20 - CHMS Restaurant Night at Ians Pizza on Frances St. 5-10pm
Mar. 22 - 7th Grade AVID Field Trip to UW Madison
Mar. 25-29 - No School for Students & Staff - Spring Break


PEOPLE Program - PEOPLE ( Precollege Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence) applications are due March 11. PEOPLE's mission is to PREPARE STUDENTS FOR COLLEGE. When students enroll in 8th grade, they are assigned a Precollege Advisor. The Precollege Advisor works in partnership with the student, guiding them to successful high school graduation and completion of the precollege program. 94% of precollege students who complete our program enroll in higher education. We aim to help students be attractive to UW-System Institutions, helping them to receive college admissions offers. The precollege program works with students to build competency in four areas:
  • Build and Master Academic Knowledge
  • Build Cognitive Skills and Strategies
  • Build Self-Management Skills
  • Build Knowledge about College through Experiential Learning

Successful enrollment in UW-Madison leads to a four-year tuition scholarship. Check the PEOPLE website for more information!

ITA Program - The UW-Madison Information Technology ( ITA) program seeks diverse students with academic potential, technology interest, and a willingness to commit to the program. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to be eligible to apply to ITA. Eighth-grade students planning to attend a Madison Metropolitan School District public high school are invited to apply to the  ITA Madison  program. Please note that students cannot participate in ITA and the high school PEOPLE program at the same time. Students currently in the PEOPLE program must complete their middle school PEOPLE program requirements before beginning ITA the summer before ninth grade. Successful enrollment in UW-Madison leads a four-year tuition scholarship. Click here for more information on applying!

6th-8th grade dance opportunity at Madison West - The Madison West Dance Team is offering an extra special opportunity to perform with our team in our Spring Showcase on April 18th!! All 6th - 8th graders with an interest in dance are welcome, here's what it would entail:

  • On Tuesday April 9th we will hold a free clinic from 4-7 at Madison West to learn some basic dance skills and the dance they will perform !! Even if you don't plan to participate in the showcase we'd love to have you join us for this portion.

  • On Saturday, April 13th we are going to hold a dress rehearsal for the showcase, we would ask that anyone performing with us would attend but you will not need to stay for the duration. Practice will likely be held in the morning.

  • Thursday, April 18th you will need to be at Madison West no later than 6pm. We will do a final review of the lineup for the showcase and then the performance will begin at 7pm. We anticipate for it to be no more than an hour.  After your performance you can join the audience for the rest of the show!!                                                                                                    

Please let us know via Coach Jen's contact information below if you can join us and include the following information:
  • Name
  • Grade
  • School you attend

We really hope you will join us and please gather your friends as well, it's going to be a fabulous evening with a lot of great performances. Hope to see you on the 9th!!

Coach Jen Bootz
Hello Cherokee Heights Families and Friends!

General Information :
  • MSCR Cherokee After-School programming is a drop-in program that runs Monday through Thursday from the time school dismisses until 5:15pm.
  • News and updates will come out in the school bi-weekly Chatter. Please read the Chatter every two weeks to keep updated with events and changes that may occur.
Bus Schedule:
  • Monday-Thursday: The 5:10 bus takes students to all Cherokee districting neighborhoods. 
  • Tuesday-Thursday:  There will be a 4:10 bus that will only take students who live in the following neighborhoods - Leopold, Burr Oaks and Arboretum.
  • Parents are always able to pick up their student early. Due to the school doors being locked, please call the MSCR Site Cell Phone at 608-220-9054.

March Programming:
  • Debate Club is open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
  • No Girls Group on Tuesday, March 5th.
  • 3-on-3 Basketball Game (3/11)
  • Soccer Game (3/12)
  • Dodgeball (3/13)
  • Staff vs. Student Basketball Game (3/14)
  • CALENDAR CHANGE: MSCR will be having their monthly staff meeting on the LAST WEDNESDAY of the month.

Specialty Clubs:
  • Girls Climb It All, Mondays (1:50-2:50) *6th Grade only
  • GSA, Tuesdays (2:50-5:00)
  • Girls Group, Tuesdays (2:50-4:00)
  • Math Counts, Tuesdays (2:50-4:00)
  • French Club, Wednesdays and Thursdays (2:50-4:10)
  • Debate Club, Wednesdays (2:50-4:00)
  • FX Club, Wednesdays (2:50-4:10)
  • Undertale Club, Wednesdays (2:50-4:00)
  • Art Club, Thursdays 2:50-5:00)
  • Harry Potter Club, Thursdays (2:45-3:30)

The Schools of Hope Tutoring is through the Urban League of Greater Madison. The focus on this program is to help close the education gap. Tutoring is in math and literacy only. There is a high need of tutor support in Cherokee but a limited amount of tutors. Please apply with the understanding that your student may or may not get a tutor due to this circumstance. 

Cherokee Heights Middle School
Phone 608-204-1240